We Need You to Protect Our Food Freedom


Do you grow or raise food? Do you love to eat locally and sustainably produced food?


We need you to join our fight. (Join today and take advantage of our special membership perks.)

At the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance (FARFA), we are dedicated to supporting independent farmers and protecting a healthy and productive food supply for American consumers.

Why do we do this? Why isn’t it enough for farmers to “fly under the radar,” or for consumers to “vote with their fork”? 

All We Need Farms FARFA Member

We need farmer members, but we need consumer members, too! Farm and food regulations affect everyone who eats.

We need a voice for farmers and consumers because the laws and policies are written by and for Big Agribusiness. And whether those laws are enforced today, tomorrow, or a year from now, they put many small farmers at risk of being put out of business. At a minimum, they discourage farmers from expanding and increased the cost of production, ultimately raising prices for healthy local food.

We may not have the money power that corporate agriculture and their lobbyists have, but we can outnumber them! We need our membership to reflect the incredible number of farmers and consumers who care about the future of our food.

What Your Membership Helps Us Accomplish

Your membership is vital to building our strength and having FARFA’s voice heard in state legislatures and Congress. With your help, we can promote common sense policies for local, diversified agricultural systems that produce healthy food.

Citizen Lobbying

Citizens — farmers, consumers, and local food advocates — lobbying at the Texas state capitol.

By becoming a member, you will not only strengthen our voice, but you will also help us:

  • Continue our successful fight to prevent the imposition of unworkable new federal food safety regulations.
  • Expand our work in fighting genetically modified foods (GMOs).
  • Expand our activism training to increase people’s access to tools and multiply our effectiveness.
  • Provide more education about legal issues that may affect your farms and your food choices.
  • Support grassroots efforts across the country to pass local foods legislation at the state level.

We keep our membership fees as low as possible, starting at $20 or $35 per year, so everyone can participate! We trust that those who can, will support us at higher levels. JOIN TODAY!

Local farmers talk about why you should join:


Special Membership Perks


Agtivist: One who fights for food freedom.

Agtivist: One who fights for food freedom.

As part of our spring membership drive, we are offering special perks for new members (in addition to the regular membership benefits):

  • Join at the $100 level or more and get a free Agtivist FARFA t-shirt, 100% organic cotton and made in the U.S.
  • If you’re a farmer and you refer* 5 members to join, get a free farmer level membership, which comes with a member sign and listing on our website directory.

When you join at any level, you’ll receive our exclusive print newsletter and limited edition bumper sticker!

Already a member? We have perks for you, too!

(*NOTE: to claim your referral, make sure they fill out your name in the referral field when they are signing up online.)

You can also download a membership form to return by mail. (If you are referring someone to join, ask them to fill out your name in the optional comments/notes.)

Thank you for supporting FARFA! Working together, we can make our voices heard.