Don’t let Monsanto decide if its GMOs are “safe” or not

The USDA is proposing rules that would allow chemical companies such as Dow and Bayer/Monsanto to determine the safety of their own genetically engineered plants.

These companies have a track record of hiding the real impacts of their products even when required to go through regulatory approval process. And now they’ll be able to decide for themselves if they should even go through that process? This is, quite simply, dangerous for farmers, consumers, and our environment.

If the rules are enacted, manufacturers of genetically engineered plants will decide for themselves whether or not to report experimental testing of their genetically modified organisms (GMOs) to the USDA. This move will allow GMOs to go directly from the lab to the market for consumption, with no government oversight if the company has “self-determined” that its experiment doesn’t need USDA oversight. The companies can simply skip having their experimental products evaluated for health and environmental impacts.…

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