Tell local health agencies to follow Texas Cottage Food Laws

Published September 16, 2022

Thanks to many years of advocacy, Texas’ cottage food law offers wonderful opportunities for farmers and other individuals to start up small food businesses in their home kitchens. Yet this law is now under attack by local health departments that are simply ignoring the limits on their power in order to harass and extract fees from cottage food producers.

If you have experienced this, please contact FARFA and let us know! We also urge everyone who cares about food freedom to contact their state legislators to urge them to rein in these rogue health departments (see details below).

Before we get into details of our call to action, here’s some background.

Although the Texas cottage food law is only about a decade old, it’s an integral part of rebuilding a local food system. This law allows people to get into direct-to-consumer food sales with minimal start-up and infrastructure costs, which can be vital for farmers who wants to add value-added goods to their offerings.…

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