Don’t let Home Food Security bill die!

Published May 6, 2021


First, some good news – our healthy soils bill, SB 1118, passed the House on 2nd reading late in the evening of May 5! After the 3rd reading and final vote today, the bill will head to the Governor’s desk. This is a great bill that will provide much-needed resources to help farmers and ranchers learn about and implement healthy soils methods on their land.

But while we celebrate this victory, our Home Food Security bill, is on life support. If the Calendars committee doesn’t schedule it for a vote by the full House in the next few days, it will die.

The Home Food Security Bill, HB 1686, would protect people’s right to raise food for themselves on their own property, by preventing cities and homeowners’ associations (HOAs) from banning front yard gardens or a few backyard chickens or rabbits.

The bill also prevents HOAs from banning cottage food operations.…

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