FARFA’s 2020 Endorsements

In this highly polarized environment, FARFA wants to be very clear: Our endorsements are based solely on the candidates’ positions and track records on topics within FARFA’s mission statement. We look only at their positions on local food and regenerative agriculture, and related issues such as antitrust, water, and eminent domain. 

On that basis, for the 2020 November elections, we are endorsing the following candidates:

Texas Congressional District 25 (stretches from south of Ft. Worth to south of Austin): Julie Oliver (D). Julie does not come from an agricultural background, but she has dived into the issue during her campaign. Her platform tackles corporate consolidation and the big companies’ control over our food and ag system. She supports Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) and breaking up the big meatpackers. She has hosted virtual meetings on leveling the playing field in agriculture, as well as the benefits of regenerative agriculture.…

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