Proposed FDA rule threatens small farms & food businesses

Updated February 23, 2021


UPDATE: Read FARFA’s comments here.  While the public comment period ended on 2/22/2021, we will continue working for badly needed reforms to this terrible rule — stay tuned!

The FDA is proposing a new rule that would apply to almost everyone involved in the food system, including farms, cottage food operators, co-ops, and restaurants. For foods that FDA lists as “high risk,” the proposed rule imposes extensive record-keeping requirements, including electronic spreadsheets, GPS coordinates on where the foods are grown, and the location, date and time that the food is harvested, cooled, packed, shipped, or used as an ingredient in another food.

The list of foods that FDA considers to be “high risk” includes leafy greens, cucumbers, eggs, nut butters, herbs, melons, tomatoes, cheese, and much more. See the entire list at (Scroll down to Table 2). And the agency is reserving the right to add yet more foods to the list in the future.…

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