Your smart phone & 1 minute can help pass a bill!

Published March 29, 2021


Please take one minute to help us pass some great bills for farmers this session!

Every conversation we have with legislators and staff includes the observation that this Texas legislative session is unlike any other. Between COVID, redistricting, and Winter Storm Uri, the usual craziness of the session has been taken to a whole new level!

That’s why we need your help to ensure that lawmakers pay attention to and pass our priority bills – and we want to make it fun! We are asking folks to help us create a visual campaign in support of the egg grading (HB 2028 / SB 336) and Healthy Soil/On-the-Ground Conservation (HB 2619 / SB 1118) bills. Your photos, testimonials, and homemade videos will help us get legislators’ eyes on these issues!

How to participate:

Pick one of these two bills and take either a 30-60 second video with your phone, OR a photo with a couple of sentences explaining how this issue impacts you as a farmer or a consumer. When you’re done, send your photo and testimonial to us (

If you create a video, and it’s too large to email, use this free website: 1) Upload the file, 2) Enter this email address:, 3) Enter your email address, 4) Click Transfer, 5) WeTransfer will then email you a code. Check your email, enter the code where prompted, and click Verify. That should do it!

You can also post your photo or video on your own Facebook page and tag us: @Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance.


Here’s an example of a photo and text you could send:

“We love to farm because building healthy soils means growing healthy food for our community! Call your legislators and tell them that supporting Texas HB 2619 / SB 1118 means supporting resilient small farms! Learn more at”





And here’s an example of a short, personal video.

Background on these two bills

About Egg Grading (HB 2028/SB 336)

Texas farmers can legally sell ungraded eggs directly to consumers, and you can find ungraded eggs being sold at farmers’ markets all over the state, with no reported problems. But regulations prohibit restaurants and retailers from buying ungraded eggs, preventing farmers from selling their eggs to chefs or grocers unless they get a license and grade their eggs.

This unnecessary barrier not only means fewer opportunities in normal times, it also prevents our local farmers from stepping in to supply food to their community grocers when there are disruptions in the national food chain (like in the early stages of COVID or again during the freeze). This bill will help small farmers better market their eggs, and allow chefs and consumers greater choice in buying locally raised food.


About On-the-Ground Conservation (HB 2619 / SB 1118)

Healthy soil management increases the productivity of the land and provides numerous benefits for the entire community: reduced runoff and flooding, greater drought resilience, healthier food, and more. But the initial up-front costs are a significant barrier for many farmers and ranchers.

The bill takes advantage of the existing network of trusted Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SWCDs) to provide education and outreach, as well as to leverage federal funding. This bill will support farmers interested in building healthy soils, making Texas more resilient to both storms and droughts.

Read more about these bills HERE.

Some ideas for talking points

  • Say the bill numbers so that legislators know what you are supporting!
  • Encourage your friends and followers in Texas to contact their legislators and support the bill you chose.
  • Make it personal! How does this legislation address a problem in your business or community?
  • Point your friends and followers to for more information on the bills and how to find out who represents them.

Post, share, and/or email!

  • Email your video or photo with a couple of sentences to or use
  • If you prefer to post it directly on your own page, tag @farmandranchfreedom on Facebook so that we can share your video or photo.
  • Post to other social media channels like Instagram or Twitter!

Thank you for helping us move these important bills forward!