Tarrant County refunds illegal fees to cottage food producer

Published October 7, 2022

Tarrant County has refunded the permit fees it illegally charged to a cottage food operator!

Two weeks ago, the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance (FARFA) and Homemade Texas wrote a joint letter to the Tarrant County Health Department outlining how the department had improperly required a cottage food operator to submit her recipes for approval, as well as illegally requiring her to obtain and pay for permits to sell those recipes at local events.

The permit fee refund is a tacit acknowledgement of the illegality of Tarrant County’s actions requiring cottage food operators to purchase “temporary food establishment” (TFE) permits.

Why is this so important? We fought for the passage and expansion of the cottage food law because it is a vital piece to rebuilding local food systems. The regulations for food manufacturing have been written by and for huge corporations, and they pose unfair burdens on small-scale food artisans – especially those who are just starting up or who are making some value-added foods as a side business to improve their farm’s profitability.…

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