FARFA’s priority issues for the 2023 Texas legislative session

Published January 11, 2022

Among its many impacts, the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the fragility of our food system. In March of 2020, grocery store shelves emptied, not because of so-called panic buying, but because of the consolidated, centralized system for processing and distributing food in our country. There was no actual shortage of food, but it was inaccessible to consumers because (1) it was in processing plants designed for large-scale packaging for industrial use and the expensive, specialized equipment couldn’t be retooled; (2) it was grown under contract with large corporations that no longer wanted it, and there were no other buyers; or (3) various other problems connected to having the vast majority of our food managed under a “just in time” system that maximizes profits for a few companies at the expense of all other interests.

Since that time, while the shelves have been partially restocked, prices have soared.…

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