Keep up the calls for Home Food Security Bill!

Published April 26, 2021

This session has shaped up to be even more difficult than predicted. On top of COVID, redistricting, and the freeze, the legislators are warring over hot button topics such as election rights and social issues. Add Big Ag’s determination to block anything that opens up new marketing opportunities for small farmers, and you get a recipe for an ugly mess.

Even so, two of our bills are doing very well, a third has a solid fighting chance, and two more are not quite dead yet.

So, this week’s update includes action items on one bill, and we’ll be sending out another alert later this week. Please take a few minutes to take action! Your calls truly can make the difference between the bills passing or failing.

First to share the good news: HB 1652, our farmers’ market bill to ensure that the permit fee caps and sampling rules are applied fairly across the state, is scheduled for a hearing before the House Public Health Committee on Wednesday.…

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