Improve access to locally produced eggs!

Published April 1, 2021


Small farmers can sell “ungraded” eggs at farmers’ markets all across Texas, but regulations prevent restaurants and retailers from buying those exact same eggs to serve or sell to their customers.

“Grading” eggs involves weighing each egg, looking at them with a special light for visible defects, getting licensed by the Texas Department of Agriculture, and paying fees. Grading is entirely a marketing issue and provides no health or food safety benefits – but it takes time and money that small farmers don’t have.

HB 2028 and SB 336 would allow farmers to sell eggs clearly labeled as “ungraded” to restaurants and retailers who in turn sell directly to consumers. The eggs would be labeled to ensure that the consumers know who produced the eggs. This would open new opportunities for small farmers and make it easier for restaurants and retailers to source and provide consumers with locally raised eggs.…

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