Protect Local Control — Stop SB 1172/ HB 2758

Do you think that city and county governments should be able to:

  • Protect farmers from having their crops damaged or destroyed due to herbicide drift?
  • Protect bee populations by limiting whether or when bee-killing pesticides can be sprayed?
  • Protect the health of the community’s children by limiting spraying of certain toxic chemicals near schools?
  • Respond to concerns that their citizens raise in the future about what is grown and how it is grown in their communities?

Man spraying vegetables in the garden

If you think that Texans should be able to seek solutions for these sorts of problems from their local elected officials, then you need to call your State Representative and Senator right now and urge them to oppose SB 1172 / HB 2758.

Download our Fact Sheet on SB 1172 / HB 2758

SB 1172 by Senator Perry and HB 2758 by Representative Geren would prevent cities and counties from regulating any seed “in any manner, including planting seed or cultivating plants grown from seed.” The language about “cultivating” means that it’s not just about the seeds themselves, but the things the farmers use to grow the plants – including fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides that can kill other crops, crash bee populations, and harm human health.

Local elected representatives need to retain their ability to protect their farmers and communities!



Call or email your State Representative and Senator and urge them to oppose SB 1172 / HB 2758.

Remember that calls have the greatest impact! They can be very short, just a couple of minutes – but they are invaluable in making it clear that this issue is important to you.

You can find out who your State legislators are by going to  or calling the Texas Capitol Switchboard at 512-463-4630.

Sample text:

“Hi, my name is ___, and I am a constituent. I am calling to urge Representative (or Senator) _____ to OPPOSE SB 1172 / HB 2758.

I want my local government to be able to address what is grown in our area and what chemicals are used to grow it – because that affects farmers, their neighbors, and the entire community. Government is best when it’s closest to the people.  Removing the ability of Texans and their local elected leaders from enacting common sense protections for their farmers and communities is anti-democratic and should be defeated.”


TAKE ACTION #2: Spread the Word

Spread the word by forwarding this email and sharing our Facebook posts. We need as many people to contact their Senators as possible. We are up against companies like Monsanto and DuPont, with their deep pockets and multiple lobbyists. We CAN win against them – we’ve done it before on issues like NAIS – but we need a large grassroots outcry.