Press Release: Bill Filed to Require Labeling of GMOs in Texas

For Immediate Release, March 12, 2015

Contact:  Judith McGeary, 512-484-8821,


Bill Filed to Require the Labeling of Genetically Modified Foods


 Austin, TX:  Today State Representative Carol Alvarado filed HB 3499 to require mandatory labeling of foods sold in Texas that contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

GMOs are organisms in which DNA from one or more unrelated species is put into the DNA of a target crop so it expresses a desired trait such as withstanding pesticides or producing insecticidal toxins.  A growing number of studies have raised concerns about the long-term effects of GMOs and associated pesticides on an individual’s health and the environment. Some studies have cited possible links between GMO foods and adverse health impacts including allergies, immune system disorders and organ toxicity.

“GMO labeling is vital to providing accurate information for consumers to make a choice as to whether or not they want to consume these foods. A consumer purchasing salmon expects to bring home salmon, not genetically engineered salmon spliced with an eel-like species,” states Judith McGeary, Executive Director of the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance.

States such as Connecticut, Maine and Vermont, as well as sixty-four other countries, have already passed GMO labeling laws. American support is also growing according to a poll from the Associated Press-GfK where 66% of people were in favor of GMO labeling, with a majority of both Republicans and Democrats supporting labeling.

“We need to be more transparent about the food we sell to consumers,” states Representative Alvarado.  “It is time for Texas to put Texans first and provide them with the information they need so they can make informed decisions about the food they consume.”

“As an organic and non-GMO cotton farmer, I support GMO labeling. I am very proud of the certified USDA organic label my fiber and food crops receive, so why can’t GMO farmers and food companies be proud of their respective food crops?  People can make their own choice whether they will purchase food or fiber products with genetically-modified ingredients,” states Eric Hem, fourth generation West Texas farmer.


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