CA Prop 37 Defeated – But Fight to Label GMOs Continues

Proposition 37 has been defeated, but the fight to label GMOs is far from over! Despite a $45 million advertising campaign designed to deceive and confuse voters, 47% of California voters — over 4 million people — still voted in favor of labeling GMOs. Thanks to the Prop 37 campaign, Americans are more aware of the fact that GMOs are hidden in their foods. We must continue to work for changes in our laws, while supporting local farmers and local food producers.

For the products that you can’t get directly from local producers, buy from the companies that supported your right to know! Check out the infographic from Cornucopia showing which companies opposed your right to know, and which supported it. (Click here to learn more about the California Right to Know: Yes on Prop 37 Campaign.)

Source of financial contribution figures: California Secretary of State, available online at