Action Alert: Call Your Senators Today to Stand Up to Meat Packers

Large corporations control the vast majority of the food supply in the U.S. Corporate control has forced hundreds of thousands of independent family farmers out of business, damaging rural economies, public health, and our environment.

Last year, the USDA proposed a rule, referred to as the “GIPSA rule,” that would require meat packers to comply with basic requirements for fair contracts to improve competition and give farmers a fighting chance to stay in business.

But the big meat packers don’t want to play fair. The corporations convinced the House of Representatives to try to kill the proposed rule by cutting off funding in the agriculture appropriations bill. We have to keep the Senate from doing the same!

We made it through the Senate Appropriations Committee process without any anti-GIPSA amendments. But now we face the full Senate, where any Senator can offer an amendment to the agriculture appropriations bill, and the GIPSA rule is at risk.

Calls are best way to let your Senators know that they should support farmers and the GIPSA rule. Please call both of your Senators and ask them to oppose any amendments to stop or delay the GIPSA rule. Call the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121, and ask to be connected to your Senators’ offices. Then ask to speak with the staffer who handles agricultural issues.

Here is a sample message to use:

“Hi. My name is ____ and I live in (your State). I strongly support the proposed USDA rule for fair poultry and livestock contracts. The rule will level the playing field for growers and correct many of the abuses that they are facing. Will the Senator stand up for farmers and oppose any amendments to the appropriations bill that would stop or delay USDA from writing a final rule? Please call me at ______ to let me know where the Senator stands on this important issue.”

For more information about the proposed GIPSA rule, check out our earlier alert.

Help stop abusive corporate contracts – call your Senators today!