It’s not too late: Call your Senators to support local meat!


We know we’ve asked for your help to pass the PRIME Act several times in recent weeks … but getting bills passed in Congress takes persistence. Your calls truly make a difference to whether we can succeed with this important reform for small farmers and consumer access to locally raised meat! 

Our best shot right now is in the Senate, which is still considering what to include in the next COVID relief bill. You can find out latest Action Item below on how you can best help now.

The PRIME Act would allow the sale of meat processed at “custom slaughterhouses” within the same state, either direct to consumers or to restaurants and retailers who in turn sell direct to consumers. This means transparent, accountable meat sources to supply our local communities.

The PRIME Act is vital to supporting small-scale, local farmers both during this crisis and beyond. Huge meatpackers continue to be closed or operating with reduced production.…

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