Speak up for competitive markets!

The Packers & Stockyards Act was enacted in 1921 to ensure open, competitive livestock markets and protect producers’ interests from exercise of excessive market power by meatpackers. We’re asking for your help to ensure the original intent of this Act is enforced.

At the time of its passage, the Act was considered the strongest anti-trust law ever enacted. However, court rulings in the last few decades have weakened the law and made it difficult for producers to address unfair market control or even to fight outright retaliation.

FARFA worked with a national coalition of organizations representing independent livestock and poultry producers and consumers to enact reforms to stop price fixing and restore fair competition. In the 2008 Farm Bill, Congress directed the USDA to close the loopholes in the Act to ensure fair competition for family farmers and ranchers. 

The Obama Administration proposed rules that, although not perfect, had a lot of good provisions.…

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