Organizations Urged to Sign On to Animal ID Letter

FARFA is circulating the letter below for organizations to sign on to, in response to USDA’s request for public comments on Animal ID. [You can read the USDA’s Federal Register notice here.]  If your organization wishes to sign on to the letter, please fill out the form here.  Over 30 organizations have already signed on.  The deadline to sign on is Friday, July 28.

If you have any questions, contact

Dr. Geiser-Novotny and Mr. Hammerschmidt:

RE:       Animal Disease Traceability (“ADT”) – a solution in search of a problem

The undersigned organizations urge USDA not to take any steps to adopt new requirements related to animal traceability at this time.

To briefly review the history of this issue: In 2005, USDA released plans for a National Animal Identification System (NAIS).  The NAIS called for electronic tagging and tracking through extensive database systems.  USDA faced a storm of protests from conventional ranchers, organic farmers, sale barns, homesteaders, pet owners, property rights advocates, and more. …

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