Senate Farm Bill vote coming up quickly – call now!

The Senate will be voting on its version of the Farm Bill this week —  and before the final vote, there will be a series of votes on proposed amendments. The voting on the amendments could start as early as this afternoon [posted June 27, 2018] , so it’s vital that you call your Senator now!

Some amendments we had worked for (like the PRIME Act) haven’t been filed, but there are several important opportunities for reform on the table.


Please call now and urge both your Senators to support:


  • The Lee-Booker Checkoff Reform Amendment SA 3074, which would prevent Big Ag trade organizations from pocketing the money and then lobbying against our farmers’ interests. The amendment would also bring greater transparency and accountability to the Checkoff programs.
  • Merkley Amendments SA 3143 and SA 3146, for accurate GMO labeling. Amendment 3143 would ensure that the new GMO labeling standard covers all genetic engineering technologies, and Amendment 3146 would require on-package labeling using the terminology that consumers are familiar with (“GMO” and “genetically engineered”).

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