Consulting Services


The Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance has developed extensive expertise and resources that it wants to share with entities who are aligned with our mission. To support the nonprofit’s financial viability and long-term sustainability, FARFA has an established fee rate for a range of services, set out below.

Our mission to promote common-sense policies for local diversified food systems is our highest priority, so if these fees are a barrier, we are happy to discuss alternatives.



FARFA may share information about nonprofit and academic opportunities, events, and services with our social media and email followers. The value of such sharing reflects far more than the time needed to post or send the message.  Rather, it reflects the years of work and resources invested in building our reputation and our contacts.

Thus, where “outreach” is being provided as a service to another entity, FARFA will charge a fee commensurate with the scope of the outreach, typically between $500 and $2,000 per event/opportunity.

FARFA does not share its list of farmers with any nonprofit, academic, or for-profit entity, out of respect for our members’ privacy.



FARFA has taught numerous workshops on cottage food operations, local food laws and regulations, regulatory and business issues for small farmers and food producers, and effective advocacy.

The fee for these workshops ranges from $1,000 to $5,000 each, depending on the topic and scope of coverage.



FARFA has extensive experience in teaching the principles of grassroots advocacy, helping organizations and individuals identify realistic goals and objectives, design messaging, build coalitions, and create and implement legislative or regulatory strategies.

In certain circumstances, where it is consistent with our mission statement and strategic plan, FARFA can also serve directly as an advocate for organizations or individuals.  The fees for this work will vary significantly depending on the scope and must be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.



Services outside of a flat rate arrangement are charged at $150/hour for our Executive Director’s time, and $25-$75/hour for other staff time, depending on the staff member and the work.