Good news in poultry farmer whistleblower case!


We have good news on the whistleblower case against Agribusiness giant Perdue that we told you about back in April!

The farmer’s claims can go forward under the whistleblower provisions of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) … and in a way that doesn’t threaten the Tester exemption that we fought so hard for in FSMA.

BACKGROUND: Chicken companies like Perdue own the birds from the day they are hatched all the way to the grocery store shelves. The companies contract with farmers to raise them, but the companies control every step of the process, dictating the conditions under which the animals are raised.

In 2015, farmer Craig Watts exposed the conditions on his farm, as well as the health problems with many of the baby chicks that Perdue sent to his farm for raising. These facts posed potentially significant food safety issues and were at odds with the claims Perdue was making in its advertising.…

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