The 2021 Texas Legislative Session has begun!

Published January 13, 2021

Texas State Representatives and Senators gathered on Tuesday for the opening day of the session. For the next 140 days, our elected officials will be debating bills on just about every topic imaginable. Each week, we will send out an update to let you know what is happening with agriculture and food bills, as well as other important related topics such as water and eminent domain. 

We’ll start by sharing information about the legislative session in general, then the local foods bills. And don’t miss the action item at the end – this first call to your legislators truly can be a positive experience for both of you!

Here are some things to keep in mind as we look ahead to the next few months:

1. The system is designed to kill bills, not to pass them. During most legislative sessions, the majority of the bills that are filed die at some stage. Typically, only one quarter to one third actually pass and become law – and only a small fraction of those are bills brought by small, niche organizations like FARFA.…

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