On-farm processing of chickens & rabbits in Texas

Thanks to HB 410, passed by the Texas Legislature in 2019, farmers can legally process a limited number of poultry and rabbits on their farms subject to far fewer and less expensive requirements than previously.

This fact sheet provides information on the options for on-farm processing. This information is not legal advice; please consult an attorney about your specific operation.

The options for processing rabbits and poultry are divided into three categories, based on the number and types of animals being processed. For all of these options, the farmer can only process animals of his or her own raising, on his or her own farm.  If you wish to process animals for other people, you must become licensed as an inspected facility.

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In general, under federal law, processing of “amenable species” – cattle, hogs, sheep, goats, and poultry – must be done in facilities that have an inspector on-site at all times during slaughter.…

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