Tell Congress the PRIME Act is the best shot for small livestock farmers!

The crisis facing small livestock farmers and ranchers is getting worse. In some areas of the country, farmers are being told that their USDA- or state-inspected slaughterhouse can’t fit them in until 2022 – two years from now! These farmers must still feed and care for their animals all that time, without getting income from them; many will go out of business simply because they cannot get their animals processed, even while consumers are clamoring for their meat.

There is a solution: the PRIME Act.

And the time to pass it is NOW, while the Senate is working on the COVID relief bill before its August recess.

The PRIME Act would allow farmers to take their animals to “custom slaughterhouses” and then sell the meat within their state, either direct to consumer or to restaurants and retailers who in turn sell direct to consumer. This means transparent, accountable meat sources to supply our local communities.…

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