Cottage foods & farmers market permit bills scheduled for hearing


Two of our top priority bills are up for a hearing on Tuesday, April 2.

The cottage foods bill, SB572, would significantly expand opportunities for people to make low-risk products in their home kitchens and sell them directly to consumers anywhere in the state.

The permit fee cap bill, SB 932, would put a stop to the excessive fees that many local governments have been charging farmers’ market vendors – helping improve small farmers’ profits while increasing options for consumers (since excessive fees keep many small producers out of certain markets).

Both these bills will be heard by the Senate Health & Human Services Committee on Tuesday, April 2, at 8 a.m.  Help us move them forward by taking action – all the details are below!

We expect both bills to face stiff opposition from retailers who don’t like competition and local health departments who don’t want to have their powers limited. 

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