US Postal Service embargoes shipment of chicks

Published February 19, 2021


The US Postal Service just announced a one-week extension of an embargo on shipping via air any live animals, including newly hatched chicks. Embargoing such shipments during the ice and snowstorm made sense for the animals’ safety – but this extension isn’t about safety, just catching up with deliveries of backlogged mail.

Because chicks must be shipped within 48 hours of hatching, the hatcheries don’t have the option to care for the chicks and ship them a week later. This extended embargo would be catastrophic for hatcheries as well as for the small farmers and homesteaders that rely on these deliveries to get birds.

We urge you to contact your U.S. Representatives and Senators to end this embargo immediately. Please tell them that these live chicks take priority over junk mail and over non-essential air shipments from sources like Amazon or Walmart, that can easily wait an extra day or two for delivery.

These chicks are essential, providing income for small farmers and food for their customers. As one hatchery owner said, “There’s not a pause button we can push on the thousands of birds that will hatch next week.

Find contact information for your U.S. Representative and Senators here.