Texas Legislators Hold Water Hearings

Do you have views about Texas’ water resources that you’d like to share with state legislators? Now is your chance. Two committees are each holding interim hearings next Thursday, October 13, providing the perfect opportunity to share your experience and beliefs.

HEARING ONE: The House Agriculture Committee hearing will meet Thursday morning, starting at 9 am, to hear testimony on the following topic:

“Determine the sources of water used by Texans in the production of food and fiber, and examine the current water delivery methods and water conservation goals for agricultural use. Evaluate whether there are more efficient and effective water-usage management practices that could be employed in the agricultural industry, and determine the impact of crop insurance requirements on producers.”

HEARING TWO: The House Natural Resources Committee will start its hearing at 1 pm and cover several topics, the most important of which is to “examine the regional and state water planning process.”

The committee will focus on multiple aspects of the water plan, including the “interaction between the planning process and groundwater management” and “whether the ‘drought of record’ remains the appropriate benchmark for planning.”

Have you tried to be involved with the planning process and run into barriers? Looked at the State Water Plan and realized it doesn’t represent your interests? Or are you concerned about the long-term sustainability of the aquifer in your region and the need to protect it given the increasing severity and frequency of droughts? Come make your voice heard!

After the interim hearings are complete, each committee creates a report that is shared with all the legislators before the next session starts. These reports often form the basis for legislative proposals, so it can be very helpful to get our views included in the reports.

WHAT: Agriculture Committee Hearing

TIME & DATE: 9 am, Thursday, October 13, 2016

PLACE:   Room E2.010 in the Capitol Extension


WHAT: Natural Resources Committee hearing

TIME & DATE: 1 pm, Thursday, October 13, 2016

PLACE:   Room E2.010 in the Capitol Extension

MAPS of the Capitol


SIGNING IN: The House uses an electronic witness registration system on kiosks located throughout the Capitol Extension. Take the elevator down to Floor E2, and walk down the main hallway about halfway. Turn down one of the side hallways, then turn again so that you are going parallel to the main hallway. The kiosks are in the alcoves, where there used to be pay phones.



If you plan to come testify, please let us know by emailing Judith@FarmAndRanchFreedom.org . You can also email us with any questions about the process.


Ag Committee hearing notice

Natural Resources hearing notice