Tester-Hagan Sign On Letter 2014


Division of Dockets Management (HFA-305)
Food and Drug Administration
5630 Fishers Lane, Room 1061
Rockville, MD 20852
December 15, 2014

Re: Preventive Controls Rule: FDA-2011-N-0920
Produce Standards Rule: FDA-2011-N-0921

Dear FDA:

The undersigned organizations, farms, food businesses, and concerned individuals jointly submit these comments on the Tester-Hagan provisions, also referred to as the qualified exemptions, in the proposed rules under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

The Tester-Hagan provisions are vital for protecting vulnerable, small-scale producers that are providing safe, healthy food for their local communities. With the rapidly growing interest in locally produced food, this protection is in the best interest of consumers as well as the farmers and food businesses.

The Tester-Hagan provisions exempt small-scale, direct-marketing farmers and facilities from some of the new requirements imposed under FSMA, specifically the new on-farm produce safety standards and the hazard analysis and risk-based preventative controls (HARPC) requirements. Since the provisions are largely the same in both rules, we will refer to farmers and/or facilities jointly as “producers” unless the comment refers to only one in particular.

Despite the many groups and individuals who urged FDA to implement the Tester-Hagan provision fairly and in a way that fulfills the intent of the law, the agency’s new proposed rules still do not do so.

The proposed rules still fail to provide due process for producers before revoking their exemption. The proposed rules also still impose unnecessary and hasty deadlines for compliance that will effectively shut down any producer whose exemption is revoked. While we recognize and support the agency’s decision to provide a mechanism for the qualified exemption to be reinstated, this provision will do little good if small farms and artisan food producers are forced out of business by a too-hasty or erroneous decision to revoke their exemption and too-short deadlines for compliance.

The proposed rules also still base the size requirements for qualifying for the Tester-Hagan exemption on all the food sold by the producer. Yet the FDA is directed to regulate only certain foods under FSMA, and that the same scope should be applied to the exemption. Moreover, the FDA has added a new provision in the proposed Hazard Analysis and Risk-Based Preventative Controls (HARPC) rule that could undermine the Tester-Hagan exemption by requiring that facilities conduct a “supplier program.” Not only will the supplier program impose significant costs on the businesses who are subject to it, but it could indirectly impose requirements on, and create barriers for, those farmers and producers who are supposed to be exempt from the HARPC rule under the Tester-Hagan exemption.

I. The proposed rules fail to provide fair due process.

In the first round of proposed rules during 2013, the FDA took the position that any situation leading to the revocation of a producer’s exemption would be urgent. Numerous groups and individuals pointed out two key facts:

1) The FDA can revoke a producer’s exemption even in the absence of any immediate threat to public health. Indeed, the FDA may revoke the exemption simply if it determines it is necessary to “protect the public health and prevent or mitigate a foodborne illness outbreak based on conduct or conditions associated” with the farm. This broad language covers a wide range of non-urgent situations.

2) The FDA has multiple tools to address any urgent threat to public health, including requiring the producer to recall the food, imposing an administrative detention, seizing the food, or seeking a court injunction.

Although the agency acknowledged the second fact, by stating that the agency “may” consider those options rather than revoking a producer’s Tester-Hagan status, the agency appears to have missed the fundamental point: because it has those other options for addressing problems, it is entirely inappropriate to rush to revoke a farmers’ exemption and fail to provide due process.

We therefore urge the agency to provide appropriate due process before revoking any producer’s exemption. Hundreds of organizations and individuals raised these same concerns in the first round of proposed rulemaking, and the agency did not provide a reason for ignoring them. All of these provisions would be consistent with the standard procedures in many administrative proceedings:

  • Include a specific statement of the reasons in the notice of revocation, so that the producer can respond to the specific issues of concern. The proposed rule states that the agency will give only a general statement of the basis for the revocation, leaving the producer to guess what the problem actually is.
  • Set standards for what FDA must find in order to revoke the exemption. The FDA should be required to have probable cause before initiating an investigation of an exempt farmer or food facility, and to present clear and convincing evidence for revoking the exemption.
  • Provide appropriate time (at least 90 days) for producers to submit the facts and documentation showing that their exemption should not be withdrawn. While the proposed rule adds a 10-day pre-revocation notice, a producer who wishes to contest the withdrawal of its exemption still has only 10 calendar days to submit a written appeal that includes all of the facts and supporting documentation. It is completely unrealistic to expect a producer to be able to marshal all of the arguments and relevant documents on what could be a multitude of issues raised by FDA in 10 days.
  • Guarantee a hearing so that producers can present their case in person before having their exemption revoked.
  • Provide the standard post-decision procedural protections, such as motion for reconsideration and a motion for stay.

II. The proposed rules set completely unrealistic deadlines for compliance.

Under the proposed regulations, a farmer has only 60 days from the date of the original letter to come into compliance with all of the regulations, while facilities have only 120 days. In comparison, large-scale farms have two years and large-scale facilities have one year to come into compliance with the proposed regulations initially – twelve times as long. This discrepancy in compliance rates is unfair.

It is completely unrealistic to expect a small or very small producer — the only ones that would qualify for the Tester-Hagan provision — to comply with all of the requirements within 60 or 120 days. As just one example, consider the requirements that apply to a farm’s buildings under the produce safety rules. How could a farm find the capital necessary to do the building renovations and actually have them completed in just two months, or even four months? And, at the same time, the regulations would require the farmer to buy new equipment, establish an employee training program, conduct water tests and potentially find a new source of irrigation water, and meet many other regulatory requirements.

In effect, a small producer whose exemption is revoked will almost certainly go out of business.

The FDA’s proposed regulations have significant implications not only for existing producers, but also for anyone who is considering starting a farm or food business. What rational person would start a new business knowing the he or she could be forced to comply with complicated, expensive regulations with only 60 or 120 days notice? At a time when multiple government programs seek to encourage new and beginning farmers, the FDA’s proposed regulations will have precisely the opposite effect.

We urge the FDA to amend the proposed rules to provide that, if the exemption is revoked, the producer shall have two years from the time of the final determination to comply with all of the FSMA regulations. Alternatively, FDA could consider provisions that would require compliance with only those portions of the FSMA regulations that formed the basis for the revocation.

III. The new supplier program requirements create ambiguous and potentially significant burdens on farmers and producers who are supposed to be exempt from the proposed HARPC rule.

The newly proposed provision for a supplier program as part of the HARPC rule threatens to indirectly impose requirements on producers exempt under the Tester-Hagan provision and create barriers to marketing through its sheer ambiguity.

If a facility wishes to buy produce from an exempt farmer, the FDA’s proposed rule would require the exempt farmer to provide written assurances that he is producing the food “in compliance with applicable FDA food safety regulations and that the raw material or ingredient is not adulterated under section 402 of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.” Proposed §117.136(c)(4). If the supplier is an exempt facility – such as a small-scale producer who has produced bread that is then used an ingredient by a processor – then the exempt facility much produce the same written assurance, plus assurances that the ingredient is not “misbranded” under federal law, and “a brief description of the processes and procedures that the supplier is following to ensure the safety of the food.” Proposed § 117.136(c)(3).

Exempt farmers and facilities, by definition, are small-scale producers selling the majority of their food directly to consumers and in-state retailers. They are subject primarily to state and local laws. Asking them to provide written assurances that they are complying with unspecified federal regulations is both ambiguous and deeply troubling.

In practice, without seeking legal counsel, many exempt farmers would be unable to provide such written assurances, creating a significant barrier to marketing their products to non-exempt facilities. Since non-exempt facilities comprise the overwhelming majority of the food market, according to the FDA’s own estimates, this severely limits the ability of these exempt farmers and facilities to market their products. The ambiguity as to what is actually required converts a seemingly minor requirement (providing written assurances) into a very significant barrier.

We urge the agency to amend the proposed provision for a supplier program to provide that, if the supplier is a farm or facility that is subject to an exemption or qualified exemption, then (a) the receiving facility does not need to conduct any supplier verification activities on the items from the exempt farm, so long as it (b) obtains written assurance that the farm supplying the ingredient or item is exempt (either entirely or under a qualified exemption) from the on-farm produce safety standards and HARPC rule.

IV. The test for qualifying for the Tester-Hagan exemption should be based on sales of food that are regulated under FSMA.

Under the proposed regulations, a producer is eligible for a “qualified exemption” if he or she sells less than $500,000 of food annually, and more than half of that directly to consumers or to local restaurants and retailers.

The FDA’s definition of food includes all food sold by the farmer or food processor, not just the food that is subject to the agency’s jurisdiction or regulated under FSMA. As a result, sales of meat and grains will all be counted toward the $500,000 gross sales limit. Therefore, for example, a grass-fed beef producer with a small orchard who sells $600,000 in beef and $30,000 of fruit will be subject to all of the new FSMA requirements for growing and harvesting produce, even though the FDA and FSMA do not regulate beef.

This interpretation does not fulfill the intent of the Tester-Hagan provision to protect small-scale, direct-marketing producers of fruits, vegetables, and processed foods from the extensive new federal regulations. Instead, it effectively forces grain and livestock farmers to avoid any diversification, harming farmers financially and discouraging environmentally responsible land use. From a food safety standpoint, it does not make sense to treat the small-scale production of produce the same as large-scale production, simply because the same person is producing other types of food as well.

This issue was also raised in the first round of comments on the proposed rule, and the FDA has specifically stated that it does not believe it has the legal discretion to address it. While the undersigned urge FDA to reconsider that position, we also urge Congress to immediately address this problem.


The undersigned organizations, farms, food businesses, and consumers respectfully urge FDA to amend the proposed regulations as outlined above.

For more information, contact Judith McGeary, Esq., Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance, Judith@FarmAndRanchFreedom.org, 254-697-2661


National and Regional Nonprofits

Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance
Arc of Greater New Orleans
The Cornucopia Institute
Family Farm Defenders
Farms Not Arms
Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund
Felix Gillet Institute
Food Democracy Now!
Foundation for Agricultural Integrity
Indian Nations Conservation Alliance
Keep Food Legal Foundation
Local Food Association
National Family Farm Coalition
North American Maple Syrup Council
Organic Consumers Association
Peaceroots Alliance
Soil Resources Initiative
Stars USA Inc.
United Farmers USA
Well Mind Association of Greater Washington
Western Organization of Resource Councils
Weston A. Price Foundation

State and Local Nonprofits

Brickways (MI)
Christ Covenant Church/ Shepherd’s Heart School (TX)
Clarksville Community Chamber of Commerce (MO)
Crawford Stewardship Project (WI)
Dakota Rural Action (SD)
East Texas Community Food Coalition (TX)
Evergreen’s Alliance for Sustainability (CO)
Everyday Good Eating (CO)
Evergreen’s Alliance for Sustainability (CO)
Farm Life Foundation (FL)
Felix Gillet Institute (CA)
Food Joy (ME)
Food Policy Council of San Antonio (TX)
Gold country Gleaners (CA)
Growing Awareness Urban Farm (NM)
Idaho Organization of Resource Councils (ID)
Label GMO Nevada (NV)
Long Beach Grows (CA)
Maine Land Trustees (MI)
Massachusetts Farm Bureau Federation (MA)
Michigan Land Trustees (MI)
Missouri Rural Crisis Centr (MO)
My Brother’s Keeper (MS)
Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society (NE)
New York Permaculture Exchange (NY)
North-Missoula CDC (MT)
Northern Plains Resource Council (MT)
Oregon Rural Action
Owl Peak Farm Foundation (NM)
Ozaukee/Washington Counties Weston A. Price Foundation (WI)
Powder River Basin Resource Council (WY)
Rio Bravo Wildlife Institute (TX)
Sacramento Community Grange (CA)
Santa Cruz Live Oak Grange (CA)
Schoolyard Crop (CO)
South Dakota Stockgrowers (SD)
Sustainable Food Center (TX)
Texas Certified Farmers Market Corporation (TX)
Texas Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (TX)
Virginia Association for Biological Farming (VA)
Virginia Food System Council (VA)
Virginia Independent Consumers and Farmers Association (VA)
Western Colorado Congress (CO)

Farms, Ranches, and Farmers’ Markets

45 North Farm (ID)
7 Gates Farm (OH)
Against the Grain (NC)
Aggies Farm (TX)
Agro Resources, Inc. (HI)
Aisling Acres Farm (WI)
Adams Greenhouse & Produce LLC (OH)
Alton Farmers’ & Artisans’ Market (IL)
American Heritage Family Farm (OK)
Ames Orchard & Nursery (AR)
Anichini – Moore Ranch & Farm (OK)
Averill Farm (CT)
Beck’s Cattle Co. (AR)
BioLogic Systems (CA)
BJ’s Cow Boarding LLC (MI)
Blacksheep Ranch (AR)
Bob’s Funny Farm (TX)
Bodhichitta Farms (CT)
Boja Farm (MT)
Bonita Gardens (NM)
Boulder Belt Eco-Farm (OH)
Box Cross Road Farms (WY)
Bramer Family Farm (MO)
Breezy Hill Farm (MO)
Broad River Pastures, LLC (GA)
Broken Bow Ranch (TX)
Brookhaven Farm (PA)
Burning Bush Gardens (NY)
Cerro Vista Farm (NM)
Chandler Family Farm (TX)
Chrysalis Farm (WI)
Circle W Farm (VA)
Closer to the Heart Farm LLC (MD)
Co-creative Organics (TX)
Coonridge organic goat cheese (NM)
Country Roots Farm (CO)
Country Taste Farm (MN)
Crows Pass Farm (CA)
Custom Gardens Organic Farm (NV)
Dancing Roots Farm (OR)
Dancing Turtles Ranch (TX)
Davet Farm (OH)
Denison Farms LLC (OR)
Desoto Lakes Organic (FL)
Deva’s Farm (KY)
Dickey Farms (AR)
Double Check Ranch (AK)
Double H Pig Ranch (ME)
Double Z Ranch, LLC dba Hilltop Place Ranch (TX)
Downriver Orchard (WA)
Dragonfly Farm (NM)
Dream Ranch LLC (CO)
Early Bird Farm (CA)
Eat City Heights (CA)
Edhube Acres (TX)
Ethos Health (NJ)
Eve’s Orchard (WI)
Farmer Jones Eco-Friendly Produce (TX)
Farms View Roadstand (NJ)
Fern Creek Farm (OR)
Fertile Fields Farm (NH)
Fiddler’s Green Farm, Inc. (CA)
Filaree Fruit (WA)
Finger Lakes Dexter Creamery LLC (NY)
Foggy Morning Farm (OK)
Foggy River Farm (CA)
Forever Yong Farm (AZ)
Framers Market (IN)
Frenchpoint Vineyard (WA)
Fresh Pastures Neighborhood Farm (WI)
Fresh Starts Organic Farm (CA)
Full Expression Farm (TX)
Galveston’s Own Farmers’ Market (TX)
Glencora LLC (NC)
God Products (FL)
Golden Feather Tea (CA)
Golden Rule Farm (MA)
Good Roots Farm (SD)
Goosemobile Pastured (SD)
Goshen Farm (WI)
Grassland Oasis Farm & Ranch (TX)
Grazy Days Family Farm (MD)
Green Family Farm (TX)
Green Pastures Family Farm (NC)
Greenleaf Farms (HI)
Groundworks Farm (MT)
Haderlie Farms (WY)
Happy Cattle Co (TX)
Happy Farm, LLC (CO)
Happy Grazing Dairy (SD)
Happy Hands Farm, LLC (TX)
Harper Valley Farms (IN)
Harvestmoon Homestead (IN)
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Kit’s Garden (MI)
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Kunekai Farm (HI)
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Marsh Meadows (OH)
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Maui Bees LLC (HI)
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McGeary Ranch (TX)
Meadows Bee Farm (VT)
Mendoza & Dean Farm & Grocer (CA)
Mesa Winds Farm & Winery (CO)
Midtown Farmers Market (IL)
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Turtle Ledge Farm (CT)
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Vlieger Farms (IA)
Waco Downtown Farmers Market (TX)
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Co-ops, Food Hubs, and Food and Agricultural Businesses

Natural Grocers (CO, AZ, ID, KS, MI, MT, NE, NM, NV, OK, OR, TX, UT, WA, & WY)
Adaptations Inc (HI)
Blondie’s Super Foods (TX)
Bluegrass Grill (TN)
Coterie Market LLC (TX)
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in.gredients (TX)
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Dennis Schaef (PA)
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Corinne Starr (TX)
Thomas Libbey (WA)
Shawn Sargent (MA)
Diana Biggs (CO)
Charlotte Trolinger (MT)
Sue Harrington (CA)
Patricia Howe (CA)
Lynn Kole (WA)
Nick Melander (UT)
Sharon Devin (AZ)
Michael Edwards (VA)
Jeff Cunningham (TX)
Mariya Dolgopolova (VA)
Shary B (WA)
Jenny Huston (CA)
Ernest J.P.Muhly (MD)
Beverly Douglass (TX)
Sue Hanlin (OH)
Dianne Douglas (AZ)
Jean Price (TX)
Christine Lindenmuth (PA)
Kelsey Mcgrath (ME)
Patricia Harmon (IL)
Christopher Patterson (TX)
Barbara Gilmore (WI)
Eva Jo Wu (VA)
Marge Cantu (MI)
Patricia Sharp (CA)
Kathleen F Anderson (NY)
Yoly Ripepi (FL)
Sherry Foth (MT)
Mercedes Dzindzeleta (WI)
Donna Howard (CA)
Carolyn Wilson (CA)
Lynn Rockstad (WA)
Ashley Bradley (CT)
Sara Mansfield (AL)
Jean London (CA)
Bruce Fife (CO)
Wendy Martin (GA)
Geraldine Lanier (WI)
Jayne Coyne (MI)
Connie Curtis (TX)
Carmen Siman (TX)
Stephen Smith (AL)
Edward Meanley (TX)
Jeanne Beadle (LA)
Christine Lindenmuth (PA)
John Stewart (CA)
Geralyn Monfils (MI)
Barbara Gintzel (KY)
Janet Joscelyne (NC)
Jean Kruse (NE)
Mary Jane Welch (ME)
Diane Smith (MN)
Peter Kraniotakis (NY)
Mary Morello (NY)
Michael Ellegion (WA)
Kay Bailey (CA)
Caroline Thomas (CA)
David Scott (IL)
Daniel Fish (CA)
Dahlys Hamilton (GA)
Dafne Cimino (MA)
Ike Standifird (IN)
Thorgrun Odden (CA)
Michelle Branz (FL)
Theresa Cohen (MA)
Brittany Ardito (TX)
Laura Staples (FL)
Elaine Johnson (PA)
Ashlyn Maronn (CA)
Katharine Sheldon (ID)
Kristine Robertson (WY)
Linda Carter (TX)
Tom Clements (CA)
Roger Jones (GA)
Glynn Schannen (TX)
Donald Worley (WA)
Bill Greenleaf (HI)
Marta Greenleaf (HI)
Russell Greenleaf (HI)
Dale and Jackie Weizenecker (AL)
Mike Pasner (CA)
Karen Lang (ND)
Richard Kanak (IL)
Howard Vlieger (IA)
Creg Istre (TX)
Aimee Prange (DE)
Karen Rowland (HI)
Monte Garnett (MT)
Judy Greenough (WA)
Sonia Ingram (NY)
Norma Tierney (MD)
Patti Bess (CA)
Thomas Klein (PA)
Nancy Savinelli (CA)
David Elliot (VA)
Karl Deringer D.C.
B Anderson (GA)
Joanne Mendez (FL)
Judith Reedy (CT)
Nancy Baker (MI)
Betse Lanier (TX)
Connie Curtis (TX)
Sally Roth (SD)
Karen Rush (KY)
Paul Adams (CA)
David Valzania (MA)
Paul Angelicchio (NC)
Terry Colegate (FL)
Tim Jaqua (NC)
Adrienne Beaupre (MA)
Patricia Harmon (IL)
Linda Russell (TX)
Frank Gonzales Jr. (MI)
Concetta Newman (AZ)
Gina Alvarez (IL)
Laura Sholtz (ME)
Maniko Dadigan (CA)
Edward Rosen (OR)
C Campbell (TX)
Albert Duro (CA)
Michael Riesterer (MI)
Craig Sommer (CO)
Jessica Peatross (OR)
Rosann Volmert (CA)
Dr. Loretta Ivory (CO)
Jane Dimitry (MA)
Jeanne Bjorn (WA)
Clara Lorenzi (CA)
Nancy Eason (CO)
LeeJoy Ellis (OH)
Kathleen Johnson (MT)
Ronnie Bias (AZ)
Natasha Salgado (MD)
Carolyn Friedman (NY)
Juliann French (CA)
Ken Niehoff (CA)
Ellen Heed (CA)
Michael Blaustone (TN)
Elaine Cassata (IL)
Steve Banyai (TX)
Chris Jones (PA)
Christopher Amoruso (NJ)
Carlos Rodriguez (FL)
Gordon Wolfe (OR)
Kevin McCormick (TX)
Bethel Baker (TX)
Rebecca Tippens (MA)
Jerry Steinberg (NC)
Judy J. (GA)
Julie Williams (TX)
Robert Parrish (MD)
Helen Mitchell (WY)
Ronda (TX)
Justine Epstein (CO)
John Jackson (TX)
Lucky Lambdin (WY)
Terry Bergeron (MO)
Jennifer Chelladurai (MN)
Don Gensemer (PA)
Nanci Falley (TX)
Peter Craig (TX)
Michael Dagen (MN)
Donna Ellis (TX)
Sue Vent (CA)
Melissa Page (TX)
Greg Schenck (TX)
Pamela Walker (TX)
Tricia Carl (TX)
Julie Martin (NV)
Kathleen Cobb (TX)
Lee MacKay (TX)
Debbye Harmon (CO)
Daniel Poole (TX)
Janine Meunier (TX)
Kristina & Ori Spears (TX)
Brian Keegan (TX)
Steven Giovannoni (WA)
Michelle Orias (CA)
Craig Fleming (FL)
Khristine Harris (TX)
Dennis Bain (TX)
Rhonda Gibson (TX)
Janice Rogers-Levy (OR)
Dustin Thatcher (UT)
Dennis Walsh (MN)
Tom Shiley (CA)
Carlos DeSantos (CT)
Bruce Cravets (TN)
Raymond Binion (CA)
Greg Reaves (AL)
Allen Slominski (TX)
Ray Reece (TX)
Nick Melander (UT)
Beverly Moore (VA)
Jackie Hunt (TX)
Jacque G. (TX)
Mary Armstrong Wilganoski (TX)
David Cawston (MA)
Cathy Kvasager (ID)
Julie Cornwell (TX)
Ted Clevenger (NC)
Wayne Veino (MO)
Suzanne Sudduth (TX)
Lee McCarthy (MI)
Slava Radaković (OH)
Kathleen Beavin (WA)
Daniel Smith (AZ)
Angela Barnes (MI)
Christeen Anderson (FL)
Janna Bessin (TX)
Ira Edwards (OR)
Lisa Meacham (TX)
Cherie Weaver (TX)
Adrienne Dodd (TX)
Carmen Siman (TX)
Laurie Garretson (TX)
Esther Cook (CO)
Dorothy R Williams (CO)
Jean White (FL)
Lynette Thweatt (TX)
Ellen-Cathryn Nash (NJ)
Evelyn Young (TX)
Julian Erceg (TX)
Kevin Hoyle (KS)
Julie Williams (TX)
Anna Tursich (TN)
William Hoefer (CT)
Don Barlow (TX)
Jon Abrahamson (MN)
Robert Fajkus (TX)
Luan Le (TX)
Nancy Maille (MA)
Linda Adsit (NY)
H Masih (NY)
Baron French (TX)
Jason Silsby (TX)
Jeanne Beadle (LA)
Cheryl Ellis (TX)
Nicole Damick (PA)
Janet Cooke (CA)
Brett Seabury (MI)
Jack Bubenick (SC)
Anna Dembska (ME)
Cher Wood (MA)
Frank Donnelly (TX)
Montgomery Leach (TX)
Vincent Frano (MA)
William Beiriger (IN)
Justin Myers (TX)
Ally Sterling (MA)
Mark Ludeman (OR)
Ellen Burris (TX)
Joseph Reise (MO)
Mark Hancock (OR)
Lillian Israel (MA)
Jason Bowen (NY)
Gail Joyan (TX)
Clayton Forswall (TX)
Julie Stryker (TX)
F.E. Brown (TX)
Ellen Ussery (VA)
Crystal Smith (IA)
Theresa Woodsong (TX)
Anita Robinson (WA)
Alan Martin (GA)
Kaeli Dressler (TX)
Jerilyn Downing (CA)
Carol Elkins (CO)
Drain Faullner (TX)
Anna Jasiukiewicz (AK)
Susan Pelakh (FL)
Mary Strassell (AZ)
Christopher Jones (NY)
Carolyn Friedman (NY)
Joyce Frohn (WI)
Anthony Capobianco (PA)
Constance Garcia-Barrio (PA)
Ray Barlow (IL)
Jeanette Capotorto (NY)
Jack Lieser (TX)
Cassondra Obrien (MN)
Karen Severn (TX)
Margaret Nakayama (TN)
Diane Diernbach (OH)
Janis King (NV)
Sandra Woodall (TX)
Dariel Blackburn (CO)
Matthew Leahey (NJ)
Bonnie Lynn MacKinnon (TX)
Susie Marshall (TX)
Betty Luker (TX)
Joshua Boozer (AL)
Laureen Magyari (MI)
Thomas Reynolds (NY)
Rosemarie Sawdon (NC)
Mary Tufts (TX)
Gail McMullen (CA)
Cath Conlon (TX)
Sylvia Ruth Gray (UT)
Barbara Mueser (CO)
Jean Charis (NM)
Kay M (LA)
Lorenz Steininger (VA)
Martha Hauer (CO)
Marion Baker (TX)
Letitia Wa (CA)
David Lewton (MO)
Fran Fulwiler (OR)
Clint Dolenz (TX)
Ben Oscar Andersson (IL)
Paula Hutts (MI)
VA St John (KY)
David Cooper (MI)
Becky Elder (CO)
Cynthia Gerlt (AK)
Diane Cribley (CO)
MaryWilson (TX)
Amanda Johnston (TX)
Renee Hall (TX)
Sandy Cruz (CO)
Jacque Emel (MA)
Lynn Walter (WI)
Norman Moore (TX)
Philip Howard (MI)
Carolyn Lasar (CA)
Rex Dufour (CA)
Julia Lapp (NY)
Rachel Dutton (MA)
Anna Jolliffe (MA)
Melina Packer (CA)
Tim Hayes (CA)
Erma Lewis (NY)
Anthony Capobianco (PA)
Edward Spevak (MO)
Brenda Troup (MA)
Russell Langley (TX)
Adam Beck (MA)
Sheila Dillon (MN)
Arlene Patoray (NJ)
Meghan Little (MA)
Sadie Paine (TX)
Nancy Chismar (NJ)
MT Stevenson (MI)
H Masih (NY)
Patricia Grames (AZ)
Graham Savio (NY)
Emily Matthews, RN (WI)
Rhonda Watts-Hettinger (NH)
Debbie Biere (MO)
Bonnie Hildebrand (OR)
Jody Debbink (WI)
Val Stone (MA)
Don Rahm (WA)
Richard Ryan (NM)
Meaghan Crisman (VA)
Laura Titzer (WA)
Lacy Stephens (MT)
Marc Schoenberg (MI)
Heather Hughes (TX)
Arlene Patoray (NJ)
Mary Berger (TX)
Charles Schmidt (TX)
Mark Mills (TX)
Elonide Semmes (NH)
Jim Blackmore (NY)
Ben Semmes (NH)
Brittany Ardito (TX)
James Payne (ME)
Margaret St. Jean (CO)
Natalie Bacon (NJ)
Katherine Whitaker (ME)
Alex Wolansky (TX)
Margaret Fisher (MA)
Wayne Veino (MO)
Maxwell McKendry (ME)
Sadie Pacillo (ME)
Ester Topolarova (ME)
Mark Truran (MA)
Todd Manley (MA)
Alida Farrell (ME)
Emily Held (NY)
Eric Nathanson (ME)
Jessica Honiker (WA)
Siena Schickler (NY)
Jon Allberry (ME)
Nina Jarrell (ME)
Meredith Orf (TX)
Jean Zettler (NC)
Kristene Pickett (TX)
Martha W D Bushnell (CO)
Marie Willow (MI)
Lucy Hull (ME)
Amy Tyler (TX)
Harmon Patricia (IL)
Garry Maynard (NY)
Ken Jacobson (ME)
Kelly Wheeler (MA)
Francine Spiering (TX)
Andre St. Pierre (LA)
Alyssa Dole (TX)
Raychel Santo (OH)
Anna Roth (TX)
Anne Farris (TX)
Marc Schoenberg (MI)
Joan Semmes (LA)
Linda Howe (MA)
Diane Hamlin (FL)
Havilah Wardle (TX)
Karine Semple Hollimon (TX)
Gayle Sword (TX)
Mary Fields (TX)
Andrea Lindsay (WA)
Elisabeth Gibson (TX)
Gillian Jorgensen (MN)
Jacque G. (TX)
Arlene Patoray (NJ)
Mary Fields (TX)
Aysha Prather (OK)
Leo Horrigan (MD)
William Burroughs (OR)
Jeremy Russell (OK)
Carla Berry (OK)
Cydney Anderson (OK)
Charity Smith (TX)
Stephanie Jordan (OK)
Annette Dittmar (OK)
Martha Harris (NC)
John Wages (CA)
Cherise James (WA)
Ronald Suffron (HI)
Fred Griffen (NY)
Melinda Fasel (HI)
Elisabeth Wertheim (HI)
Thomas Wayburn (TX)
Eugene Marner (NY)
Dane Pikkola (OR)
Angel Lopez (NM)
Laureen Magyari (MI)
Kevin Wilson (NC)
Debbie Blanchard (MT)
Jessica Kraskian (CO)
Catherine Glenn (CO)
Melissa Jenks-Olivit (HI)
Jeannie Georges (IN)
Bronwyn Allen (WA)
Laura Austan (VT)
Joseph Kohn MD (HI)
Liz Parsons (NE)
Sharon Sneed (TX)
Leah Carnagey (TX)
Percy McManus (CA)
Tom Galazen (WI)
Warren Sippel Jr (TX)
William Greenleaf (HI)
Barbara Barry (HI)
Kathleen Rutecki (OR)
Heather Graham (WA)
Deborah Sieglaff (TX)
George Anna Clark (AR)
Linda Jungers (CO)
Linda Knutson (VT)
Donnde Shayne (HI)
Ted Lefer (OH)
Erica Lee (HI)
Christian Collins (NC)
William Dickerson (HI)
Brian Moscatello (NJ)
Lin Ter Horst (HI)
Chris Ter Horst (HI)
Gary Henneke (TX)
David Borton (NY)
Michele Murphy-Smith (TX)
Henry Sharp (CA)
Kathy Denison (TX)
Donald Evans (TX)
Vanessa Barr (TX)
Ken & Marion Kern (IL)
Susan Curry (TX)
Diane Brown (TX)
Cindy Meredith (TX)
Sarah Cunningham (TX)
Pam Chavers (TX)
Gary Mayfield (TX)
Rich Rugloski (VA)
Sarah Tober (TX)
Judy Sneec (TX)
Miranda Sterling (TX)
Leslie McLaughlin (CO)
Ingrid Edisen (LA)
Kristianna Gehant Siddens (SD)
Michael Davidson (NH)
Karen Kant (WI)
Dominic Profaci (GA)
Steve Hampton (TX)
Adam Hegel (NJ)
Anne Cartwright (NH)
Marrion Newsam Banks (ID)
Susan Bockelman (ID)
Charles Mcgill (TX)
Gina Paige (VA)
Abe Meilich (NC)
Carter Castilow (FL)
Katherine Haskell (PA)
Iona Singleton (AZ)
Dylan Stein (NY)
April Kemp (CO)
Julie Wiegand (MO)
Shada Shariatzadeh (CA)
Randi Miller (CA)
Sharon Ward (CA)
Harold Hamlin (AR)
Helen Strahl (MI)
Christine DiVinere (CA)
Keely Murdoch (WA)
Bernadette Mahfood (MN)
Chris Greene (MA)
Sue Schneider (TX)
Jodi Larter (CA)
Karen Rowland (HI)
Jamie Davis (TN)
Julie Rypysc (MA)
Tera Naset (IL)
Lauren Jerolimic (NJ)
Resa Tylim (NY)
Michele Boyd (MT)
Dyeanne Racette (VT)
Calvin Bey (AR)
Roy Fraticelli (NJ)
Brittney Spinoso (MI)
Mary Beardsley (CA)
Debbie Jackson (NY)
Calvin Bey (AR)
Christine Zecca (CA)
Christine Joseph (CO)
Elsie Gottlieb (NY)
Debbie Jackson (NY)
Erika Herman (CA)
Patryce Bak (MA)
Janice Mosley (VA)
Jackie Reinders (IA)
David Blair (NM)
Gina Orlando (IL)
Sylvester Rich (NJ)
Richard Pitel (WA)
Peggylynn Rivera (GA)
William Emerson (ME)
Ann Hince (CA)
Steuart Martens (DE)
Bruce Loebach (SD)
Frank Matalone (GA)
Claudia Paquet (IL)
Julia Cleary (KS)
Angelika Davis (UT)
Connie Newcome (KS)
Walter and Susan Cudnohufsky (MA)
Daisy Lopine (IL)
Wayne Porter (VA)
Ted Naff (WA)
Sandra Erskine (CO)
Robert Duerkes (FL)
Linda Powell (OK)
Becky Zobel (CA)
George Ordal (IL)
April Bullock (MN)
Summer Waters (OR)
Claudio Radici (MA)
Jennifer Bartsch (OH)
Aleksandra Jaksic (CA)
Susan Michetti (WI)
Colleen McMahon (CO)
Allan Harris (OR)
Arlene Figueroa (NY)
Brenda Blanco-Mesa (NJ)
Gregory Gordon (CA)
Rebecca Allums (TX)
Ronald Parman (GA)
Kristine Lewis (MD)
Ruth E. Trottnow (NY)
Enid Futterman (NY)
Kristi Plotkin (TX)
James Michael Anders (OR)
Devlon Clouser (CA)
Terry Schiller (OR)
Patricia Parker (NH)
Stephanie Irwin (IL)
Karen Eichhorn (NY)
Dr. Frank W. Sannella (CA)
Cindy Sauls (CO)
Wren Osborn (CA)
Nancy Lester (VA)
Elaine Brown (MI)
Jonathan Preiser (WI)
Mary Smalley (CA)
CW Campbell (TX)
Carol Arnold (MD)
Ellen Nieves (NY)
Sandra Boyce (AZ)
Donna Kennedy (SC)
Deidre Mcgannon (CA)
K A Johnson (NY)
Barbara Dumas (NY)
Janice Gavitt (NY)
Sheena Golish (FL)
Mary Smith (WI)
Angela Brown (VA)
Walter Felber (CA)
D Calder (WI)
Mary Vernon (WI)
Lisa Srerer (NY)
Mandie Parrish (NC)
Diana Radil (AZ)
Nadia Strenk (NY)
Margarita Del Campo (CA)
Paila Bordenet (WA)
Janet Taft (MA)
Nori Hudson (CA)
Glenn Farinacci (FL)
Robin Males (NY)
Jeffrey Grinstead (WA)
Carley Heller (TX)
Jake Heller (TX)
Kendy Radasky (CA)
Derick Moore (MD)
Gabriel Ariciu (MO)
Frank White (MT)
Joshua Erio (IL)
Todd Rinehart (LA)
Shelia Moulder (CA)
Roxanne Kirby (AL)
Sbeverly Johnson (KY)
Jill Palazzolo (MI)
Keira Rawlings (CO)
Duane Lawrence (KS)
Steve Bartholomew (CA)
Eleanor Lawson (VA)
Charles White (MD)
David Scott (IL)
Steve Shacter (CA)
Michelle Miller (NY)
Nancy Teas-Crain (CA)
Erin Karbon (WI)
Karen Berndtson (MA)
Deborah Ahlers (CO)
Joey Anderson (CA)
Richard Engle (CA)
Nicole Brown (HI)
Nancy Herrick (CA)
Laureen Magyari (MI)
Nancy Schmidgall (IL)
Sandra Brittain (NC)
Andrea Horncastle (TN)
Karis Cromartie (CA)
Pamela Dare Petri (NY)
Sharon Boots (VA)
Bosley Hiss (MA)
Nelly Bell (HI)
Shirley Reischman (OH)
Peter R.Sebring (VT)
Laura Noell (PA)
Jean Sharry (MA)
Joann Ference (VT)
Kricket Ichwantoro (VA)
Larry Ference (VT)
Cynthia Roberts (CO)
Amanda Lotas (NC)
Andie Mark (WA)
Bea Rivers (VT)
Marcene Malusky (ND)
Marjorie Jones (CA)
Julie Martin (NV)
Lynn Schwab (CO)
Jack Tips (TX)
Christine Battista Sprague (CO)
Rhonda Watts-Hettinger (NH)
Carol Poliner (NY)
Sabrina Schmidt (NH)
Lulin Tsai (CA)
Lynn Asch (OR)
Leland Sandifur (WA)
Patricia O’Leary (MD)
Delia Paedae (FL)
Ramanuj Basu (CA)
Sher Komisar (NY)
Margaret Hess (WI)
Jolana Coley (CO)
Joyce Colson (FL)
Corin Stedman (NC)
Isabel Walcutt (OR)
Mary Billingsley (CO)
Suzanne Carmona (CO)
Dominique Frigo (IL)
Kitty Leatham (OH)
Tim Lankford (IL)
Adriene Ives (MD)
Ann Fielding (HI)
Christine Yax (MI)
Angela Welch (MD)
Sandra Cameron (CA)
William Roberson (NY)
Connie Newcome (KS)
Al Peck (OH)
Melissa Cherwin (MT)
Maryjane Engelhart (MI)
Kenneth Lederman (VA)
Claudia Frantz (CA)
Daniel Deutsch (OR)
Dennis Corbo (NJ)
Erika Weber (PA)
Sheila Carlson (OR)
Marilyn Ravesies (CA)
Teri Meadows (CA)
D R Spencer (CA)
Cindy Morrow (GA)
Sadie Paine (TX)
Peggy Corlett (CA)
Diana Kerr (CA)
Robert Burns (OH)
Edna London (TN)
Mary Elke (CA)
Nancy Porambo (PA)
Dawn Thomsen Minenga (NE)
Susan Hunter (MN)
Terry Heil (MN)
Lisa Caccamise (NY)
Sarah Wadleigh (CO)
Warren Woodward (AZ)
Carol Oman Urban (VA)
Linda Millman (NH)
Betsy Thornton (GA)
Laree Kline (CO)
Al Wadleigh (CO)
Marilyn Kugler (MA)
Skye Byrne (CA)
Michele Chester (VT)
Tatum Hammer (FL)
Ann Johnson (PA)
Sam Jamieson (CA)
Estelle Voeller (OR)
Michelle McDonald (TN)
Margaret Chong (NJ)
John Dommisse MD (AZ)
Melinda Kohn (PA)
Diana Dever (KY)
Caron McBreairty (SC)
Forest Jahnke (WI)
Pia Chamberlain (CA)
Tereza Coraggio (CA)
Flavia Hoefler (CO)
Kyle Williams (CO)
Hollis Zelinsky (PA)
Marsha Strominger (OH)
Diane Starbuck (IL)
Stephanie Anderson (CO)
Dorothy Patent (MT)
Dianna Chairez (CA)
Geraldine Lanier (WI)
Terry Slack (WI)
Alan Silberman (PA)
Karen Fox (CO)
Mike Tucci (NY)
Anna Harper (NC)
Mike DeCook (IA)
Harold Stephens (WI)
Susan Rattray (CA)
Nancy Nicklas (IN)
Sandra Doney (LA)
Runa Schlffer (NY)
Christina Caster (CA)
Anna Micun (IL)
Jan Saxton (CA)
Elaine Michaels (IA)
M Meyerovich (MD)
Shirley Dunegan (GA)
Brenda Smith (CT)
Kathy Ruopp (IL)
Deborah Wade (KY)
Julie Cole (MD)
Patricia Moore (CA)
Cameron Lambert (NV)
Suzanne Stapler (PA)
Judith Jenna (CA)
Lena Robach (MI)
Philip Conrad (WA)
Sherri Miller (TX)
Cynthia Hill (WI)
Huguette Salahuddin (FL)
Suzanne Ferroggiaro and Family (CA)
Clinton Kraft (CA)
Sandra Levy (VA)
Loren Spector (CA)
Margaret Reasor (TN)
Gary Toth (AK)
K Fury (CA)
Anna Stevens (OR)
Linda Nielander (IN)
Toni Sparling (PA)
Patricia Stabler (MT)
Madeline McFadden-Nunez (CA)
Ralph Melcher (NM)
Dolores Pieper (IN)
Manon Gaudreau (ID)
Father Boniface (MA)
Pamela Howe (MD)
Joshua McLaughlin (CO)
Kim Paynter (TX)
Concetta Newman (AZ)
Maria de Ris (MA)
Brian Walsh (FL)
Ardelle Tuxen (WI)
Alyson Reeves (MD)
Robert Bjerk (IL)
Katie Barta (VA)
Manon Shockey (TX)
Catherine Luce (CO)
Thomas Heinrichs (MI)
Jeanne Becker (OR)
Beth Parks (TX)
Channing Chrisman (CA)
Matthew Thiele (NH)
Kalene McCrary (UT)
Eugene Obrien (CA)
Judith A. Dobkevich (WA)
Anita Schubert (CT)
Clarence Soukup (CA)
Dale Cox (WA)
Jennifer Rodriguez (TX)
Carolyn Morris (TX)
Anne McClaran (VT)
Pamela Smith (TX)
Lyn Wolfrom (SC)
Mike Burks (IN)
Nancy Bethea (TX)
Elizabeth Balcar (VA)
Leigh Warre (NY)
Francie Harrill (NC)
Elaine Nagle (PA)
Mary Colebourn (NV)
Suzan Lane (MN)
Susan Faust (NC)
Nancy Stearns (OR)
Jon Musser (OH)
Carin Ewing (VT)
Jean Vermilyea (AZ)
Lynne Weintraub (MA)
Julie Williams (TX)
Kathleen Ferrell (NC)
Jeffrey Philip (OH)
Sandra Gorman (NY)
Brendon McCarville (TX)
Robert Lawn (WI)
Jennifer Shannon (TX)
Gary Muehlemann (NY)
Stpehanie Ewals (MN)
Andrea Walterscheid (OR)
Any Christle (CA)
Rebecca Lowery (MD)
Douglas Keegan (VA)
Karen Eberly (FL)
Nancy Kennedy (CA)
Glen Wollman (SD)
Phyllis Hardin (GA)
Deborah Freedman (NJ)
Laura Meyers (IA)
Kathi Butz (GA)
Julie Degner (CO)
Betsy Brother (MA)
Patricia Groves (GA)
Anita Kendall (WA)
Reginald Groves (GA)
Ishaa Burris (CA)
Gail Jennings (CO)
Lucia Knickmeyer (CA)
Julie Bogdan (CO)
James Dallke (CO)
Wendy Moody (MD)
Marston Schultz (CA)
Joan Lewis (MI)
Verona Murray (CA)
Katie Roberts (CA)
Robin Stone (MA)
Cornelia Barloiu (MA)
Louis Sacks (MD)
Cornelia Barloiu (MA)
Sandra Berlin (OR)
Zann Williams (FL)
Nicole Denison (WI)
Carrie Smith (CA)
Susan Giordano (RI)
Caro Lorber (CA)
Scott Smith (CO)
Ashley Carmichael (AL)
Martha de Alva (MT)
Colleen Schroepfer (IL)
Joan Phillips (CT)
Galen Cranz (CA)
Grace Cummings (MI)
Ira Edwards (OR)
Linda Henigin (CA)
Bethany Murray (CA)
Nicolae Popescu (CA)
Rick Schwartz (OR)
Letitia Noel (IL)
John DeRosa (VA)
Angela Masterjohn (MA)
Peggy Price (OR)
Phyllis Haggland (AK)
Leanne Overlander (MN)
Annie Prevost (WA)
Joshua Boozer (AL)
Jeannette Richards (CA)
Catherine Doyle (OR)
Tony Macera (CA)
Huston Ripley (PA)
James Johnston (HI)
Patricia Sorrell (WI)
Michael Short (VT)
Rochelle McLaughlin (CA)
Bob Saunders (CA)
Madelyn Lenard (CO)
Zoe Alexander (HI)
Patrick Park (WA)
Victoria Carmona (CT)
Russell Louie (CO)
Chris Gill (NV)
Gina McBride (CA)
Tamar Stearns (CT)
Ladd Tomlin (FL)
Peter Nakashian (PA)
Rae Cook (MA)
Eileen Schlecht (PA)
Pat Frappier (ME)
Sharon Grinker (WI)
Meg Watkins (MA)
Gail Lucidi (NY)
Abigail Higgins (MA)
Amie Lathrop (NH)
Brenda Maxwell (GA)
Albert Scott (MA)
Ann McCarty (NC)
Peg Futrell (VA)
John Spence (NY)
Bozena Cverckova (NJ)
Karen Gay (VA)
Linda Long (NC)
Renee Steadman (MS)
Jaime Hayes (GA)
Lois Stickler (KY)
Lisa Girard (PA)
Kathryn Blackburn (PA)
Leo G Younger (CA)
Diane Smith (MN)
Marcus Plating (NC)
Elizabeth Zsengeller (OH)
Rebecca Coffin (MI)
Jane Abe (NC)
Elizabeth Zsengeller (OH)
Holly Harrod (MT)
Linda Gardner Phillips (IL)
Daniel Brown (NY)
Susan Pilling (MA)
Marsha Reeves (MI)
Julie Casper (WI)
Nicholas Fabisiak (OH)
John Lohan (VA)
John Corbett (RI)
Jodi Friedlander (CA)
Donna Wild (CO)
Kerry Randa (CO)
Patrick Nielander (IN)
Edward Augustyniak (FL)
Kellie Jordan (VA)
Rose Carson (NV)
Todd Koerner (SD)
Mark Nugent D.C.
Nancy Irven (FL)
Victoria Braun (OH)
Walter Friesendorf (NH)
Brenda Pettus (KS)
Barbara Anderson (SC)
Dale Hicks (CO)
Teresa Kramer (VA)
Edward Womelsdorf (TX)
Jeanne DeValeria (PA)
Bruce Weaver (IN)
Edward Womelsdorf (TX)
Scott Lang (NC)
Erika Thacker (TX)
Walter Chavez (NC)
Richard Thorpe (CO)
Marco Daversa (PA)
Nathan Holtmeyer (MO)
Madeline Patterson-O’Dell (CO)
Heather Hjelm (NY)
Juana Ayers (AZ)
Monte Joyce Cross (VA)
Brian Pfeister (OH)
Victoria Bennett (CA)
Heather Hjelm (NY)
Rachel Rockafellow (MT)
Lisa Schaeffer (NY)
Marwood Larson-Harris (VA)
Barry Dille (NY)
Wendy Larson-Harris (VA)
Sandy Steele (OK)
Paul Pasternak (MI)
Leslie Vandegrift (CO)
Angela Merritt (NM)
Mary Larkin (CA)
Joanna Stalker (FL)
Connirae Andreas (CO)
Lori Eddins (CA)
Jacob Zika (MN)
Ralph Rodina (SC)
Meghan Schaffer (RI)
KimCapelle (SC)
Kathleen Miller (NY)
Lee Moore (GA)
Janice Pavlock (MT)
Christina Veen (IA)
Irene Briner (PA)
Kristine Rudolph (GA)
Kay Russell (MO)
Tatiana Zybin (NC)
Mark Kronenberg (GA)
Colleen Dick (UT)
Brian Powell (ME)
Will Vukmanic L.Ac. (CA)
Lynn Cosmos (WA)
Teresa Castaldi (NJ)
Rebekah Steers (CO)
Louise Evans (PA)
Margaret Ruby (CA)
Louise Cox (MD)
Jill Oneglia (CT)
Kinga Kilgallen (MT)
Diane Conrad (CO)
Marilyn Post (AZ)
Kristin Rutkowski (OH)
Jerry Dicus (OH)
Lori Grasing (DE)
Cathleen McMahon (KS)
Mark Fradkin (MD)
Lauren Lockwood (CA)
Veronica Schultz (IL)
Erik Carruth (ID)
Nicole Reij (CO)
Jay and Lucia Weinroth (OH)
Carol Peterson (CA)
Eric Cunningham (IN)
John H Kraemer (WI)
Lauren Sanchez (TX)
VA Eggertsen (WA)
Tom Carbone (NC)
Corinne Ross (CA)
Megan Collins (TX)
Kristen Morelli (RI)
Shelly Dietzman (WA)
Victoria Schneider (OR)
E Meyers (FL)
Rebecca Huff (FL)
Alison Vermilyea (AZ)
Mark M Giese (WI)
Patrick Donohue (CT)
Carrie Marshall (CA)
Joseph Neill (OH)
Sara McCay (HI)
Chris Weiss (OR)
Maureen Diaz (PA)
Julie Pfeiffer (VA)
Raymur Rachels (FL)
Linda Rodina (SC)
Rick and Kristina White (GA)
Janis Irvin (CA)
Aikaterina Laurie (MA)
Diane McGonigal (CA)
Lisa Ruiz (MI)
Suzanne Roberts (CA)
Jessica Mehl (VA)
Donna Keegan (TN)
Lynn Kramer (NY)
Edvin Farinholt (VA)
Kathleen O’Hearn (CA)
Kim Coffey (NJ)
Catherine Whitelaw Hayes (CA)
Carolyn Lee (WA)
Carl Lee (WA)
Jill Loftis (VA)
Mary Boyer (IA)
Maureen MacGillivray (AZ)
Rose Baril (MA)
Muriel Kaplan (CA)
Anita Wald-Tuttle (CA)
Jennifer Crebbin (CA)
Catherine Chalverus (NJ)
David Sluka (CA)
Margaret Morris (OH)
Lauren Reinkens (CA)
Suzanne Koliche (CA)
Sandra Nicht (MD)
Patricia Mullaly (MI)
Richrd Banfield MD (CT)
S Niemiec (KY)
Hilary Hodge (CA)
William Nolan (CA)
JaredHankins (TX)
Carolyn Brown (TX)
Ruth Brown (TX)
Nicky Marrs (TX)
David Simmons (CA)
Andrea Brown (WV)
Laura Elias (MN)
Christine Dickinson (MT)
Penelope Curtis (CA)
Jeffrey Philip (OH)
Melissa Thomas (CA)
Jillian Lutovsky (FL)
Lori Hamann (CO)
Irene Lord (AZ)
Pat Prouty (CA)
Gary Ogden (CA)
Greg Waldrip (TX)
John Blank (OR)
Lauren Swonke (OH)
Martha Kavanaugh (CA)
Melody Murray (CA)
Melinda Meyer (WI)
Therese LIpovsky (MD)
Todd Baum (NY)
Megan Venturella (CA)
Liz Byszeski (CA)
John Corbett (RI)
Janet Tache (CA)
Randi Miller-Grasseth (OR)
Dick Shaw (TN)
Kathleen Campbell (CT)
John Foster (CT)
Adriane Niehaus (CA)
Chad Ryan (CA)
Rose Bohmann (MA)
Diane Visuri (WI)
Karen Edson (WI)
Carol-Lynne Toleno (MT)
Charles Taft (NC)
Carla Masareje (CA)
Danita Sorenson (CA)
Vaikai Brown (MI)
David Epley (LA)
Marjory Horton (CA)
Sharon Ahern (VT)
Rachael Singer (FL)
Maya Gingery (CA)
Pati Thomas (CO)
Rita Hess (ID)
Elaine Johnson (PA)
Gregory Hickey (IL)
Alison Brannan (CA)
Marjorie Davis (PA)
H Walsh (WI)
Lisa Dougherty (FL)
Megan Black (CA)
Jason Wright (PA)
Alex Brown Jr (AZ)
Michael Joyce (MN)
Robin Wolfson (D.C.)
Kathleen Smoot (CA)
Vickie Barts (NC)
Stephanie Wagner (CA)
Kathleen Smoot (CA)
Andrea White (CO)
Roderick Padgett (DE)
Jon Nelson (CA)
Helen Crawford (CA)
Carola Caldwell (CA)
Kym Morrissey-Snarr (TX)
Lynne Small (CA)
Joyce Banzhaf (CA)
Jay Levine (NY)
Kristen Bonnette (CA)
Charlotte Brandon (FL)
Martha Apaza (CA)
Kathy Stamper (IN)
Darcy Quinn (FL)
Pamela This’ll (OH)
Margaret Zaepfel (NY)
Janet Lenius (MN)
Sunny Antoniou (MS)
Michelle Vander Molen (FL)
Kevin Rauscher (GA)
Michelle Warner (FL)
Susan Estes (FL)
Ginger Stephens (FL)
Tammy Anderson (FL)
Ceean Hill (FL)
James Stellick (CO)
Karen Vaughan (FL)
Richard Provencher (FL)
Aline Provencher (ME)
Melora Hiler (GA)
Heidi Kimmel (CO)
Larry Palm (FL)
Joan Howe (MA)
Sarah McCauley (MS)
Daniel Poole (TX)
Karen Brady (FL)
Chelsea LeNoble (FL)
Deborah Polk (PA)
Patricia Schoppe (MA)
Marina Jhaveri (VA)
Maria Sireci (AL)
John Keen (FL)
Cathy Williford (CA)
Anne Cooper (GA)
Jim Hunt (CA)
Cathy Thomas (CA)
Mary Jane Hogan (CO)
Leah Walsh (CA)
Mark Danley (VA)
Cynthia Nemke (WI)
Alexandra O’Connell (CO)
Lori Parnell (FL)
Codi Kirk (TN)
Mary Lee Oldenburg (FL)
Denise Wurm (CA)
Lisa Lunsford (WI)
Maureen Lawther (WA)
Edna Davie (NJ)
Michael Smolik (CO)
Stephen Bowlby (CO)
Kelly Hambelton (FL)
Christina Rochette (CO)
Brian Glach (CO)
Hillary Malloy (CO)
Jennifer VanNosdeln (CO)
Sharon Seleb (IL)
Marlys Gregg (ID)
Susan Rogers (CA)
Jessana DeAngelis (FL)
Ryker Clark (IL)
Christina Alicea (FL)
Gina Biolchini (CO)
Patrick Crawford (MD)
Robert Stellick (CO)
Sydney Weaver (CA)
Gosia Mamot (CO)
Mark Arnest (CO)
Tracy Gilliland (CO)
Steffani Biolchini (CO)
Tamara Johnston (WI)
Jessica Beacom (CO)
Philip Worrall (AZ)
Kimberly Grant (CA)
Susan Inskeep (KS)
Judith Mudrak (NJ)
Raquel Reynolds (CO)
Mark Smolik (CO)
Matthew Malloy (CO)
Catherine Mccormack (CA)
Lisa Rose (FL)
Catherine Olafson (CO)
Kirsten Holmquist-Sutherland (WA)
Susan Reuter (CA)
Julie McKinley (TX)
Renee Wade (CA)
Amy Sons (MI)
Sandra Fiffick (PA)
Deborah Smith (FL)
Annette Windham (FL)
Jonathan Reily (NC)
Rita Larson (FL)
Linda Schmunk (FL)
Nora Eiesland (WI)
Joan Clappier (CA)
Paulette Fellows (MN)
Laurie Uding (OR)
Sandra Lalli (MA)
Elizabeth Fraser (NY)
Edik Magardomyan (CA)
Becca T (WI)
Carol Chandler (VA)
Charlotte West (TN)
Janet Hogan (CO)
Sandra Dimeglio (PA)
Christine Naughton (MI)
Merridee McClatchy (TX)
Denise Bales (IN)
Marie Yerardi (MA)
Angela Lowery (WI)
Nancy Strong (AZ)
Gretchen Offord (CA)
Catherine Smith (NY)
Michael Harris (FL)
David Watson (NV)
Robert Capaldi (PA)
David Kruk (OH)
Justin Baker (AZ)
Susan Tejada (FL)
Wayne Messer (NY)
Sharon Spriggs (VA)
Abby Hartman (CO)
Irina Olivo (NY)
E. Gooding (VA)
Heather Baird (NH)
Joanne Hageman (AZ)
Cathleen Johnson (FL)
Chris Richtsmeier (CA)
Christopher Wiechert (OR)
Richard Saunders Jr (WI)
Mary Neal (VT)
Maggie Trudel (MA)
Maria Gabriele (FL)
Diane Gamble (PA)
Lindsay Pitman (CO)
Erin Coughlin-Biyle (KS)
Lisa Goodstein (CA)
Darlene Holmberg (AK)
Rolf Hastrup (CA)
Janie Lemke (IA)
Armen Abelyan (CA)
Lisa Pilz (CA)
M Scott (CA)
Kim Emmerich (IL)
Mark Wallbridge (CA)
Sandra Nunes (WI)
Susan Guyette (NM)
Kim Vicklund (OR)
Hillary Ailor (NV)
Mike Ailor (NV)
Susan Lerner (NV)
Stephanie Jacobs (CO)
Andrew Rubin (TN)
Nancy Keith (CO)
Edward Dupas (TX)
John England (OH)
Debbie Stephenson (OK)
Karen Pol (TX)
Colleen Fuller (NC)
Clifton Miculka (TX)
Kat Gandy (TX)
L. Jean Syswerda (MI)
Rodney Blanchford (IN)
Jennifer Torres (IL)
Laura Johnson (FL)
Kristina Wiggins (MT)
Deb Lyon (TX)
Kelly Webster (FL)
Deana Perkins (TN)
Michell Shane (WY)
Susan Brown (CA)
Amanda Martinez (IL)
Dee Whitehill (CA)
Sandra Stock (WY)
Sarah Pacheco (CA)
Spring Merino (CO)
Sheryl Granit (NJ)
Megan Companion-Wheaton (TX)
Linda Wattonville (IA)
Angel Shear (IN)
Gwen Martin (VA)
Penelope Ferguson (VA)
Christina Parks (OH)
Chris Schussman (NV)
Mary Anne Deierlein (CA)
Andrew Galloway (LA)
Amanda England (OH)
Carol Galloway (LA)
Kim Ehrensberger (WI)
Michael Ward (FL)
Laura Lloyd (FL)
Lynnzee Burns (MI)
Shelby-Nicole Ploucha (VA)
Melissa Galvan (TX)
Carolyn Brown (NC)
Brittany Larochelle (NY)
Olivia Wasik (MI)
Jeanne Gevik (IA)
Sarah Jackowiak (IL)
Azizi Birkeland (NJ)
Kellie Barry (OR)
Susan Kollen (FL)
Sarah Mason (NH)
Liz Schmidt (OR)
Mack Trout (CO)
Winona Teater (NY)
Andrea Johnson (ID)
Debbie Thompson (WI)
Karen Menges (CA)
Deborah Tweit (CA)
Frances Marocchi-Klump (WI)
Janine Dorn (CA)
Hilary Dart (CA)
Michele Chase NV
Tami Forbes (FL)
Teresa Welch (CA)
Jan MT (CA)
Vaiva Leskauskas (IL)
Camille Woltjer (VA)
Janice Hawley (TX)
Jenine Pontillo (NY)
Craig DeFries (AZ)
Heather Martin (CA)
Sandy Parent (ME)
Monna Scarlett (OH)
Ronald MT (CA)
Rae Freeman (NY)
Jill Monahan (VA)
Cheryl Pike (ME)
Karen Fernandez (TX)
Amee Rech (FL)
Robert Capaldi (PA)
Michele Dicen (AL)
Emily Prince (CO)
Jan Wiseman (NC)
Carol Mazzoni (FL)
Felicia Bueno (FL)
Tracey Maness (MT)
Catherine Malo (ME)
Linda Boucher (ME)
Joan Palmer (MD)
Angelika Altum (TX)
Andrea Matthews (VT)
Elizabeth Danley (VA)
Elaine Johnson (PA)
Andrew Zakarian (CA)
Pam Dickinson (OK)
Sonja Horton (FL)
Mary Friesen (CO)
Jolene Riley (WI)
Calleen Bohl (WI)
Karen Smith (NJ)
Donald Allen (NJ)
Marlene Ward (NJ)
Julie Bruning (WA)
Laurie Seuff (CO)
Denise Thompson (NC)
C Robinson (PA)
Marie Ford (NJ)
Rex Kessler (CA)
Kelly Davis (FL)
Melissa Galvan (TX)
Kim Rumsey (WI)
Margaret Shaver (ME)
Nancy DuTeau (CO)
Kyra Bjornsson (CA)
Zak Breckenridge (IL)
Marika Odins (NM)
Emma Shirley (VA)
David Scott (TN)
Tom Adams (TN)
Ellie Kirchner (WA)
Don Bass (FL)
Mary Dunn (ME)
Camelia A. (NJ)
Ebru Bish (VA)
Laura Croft (VA)
Jessica Jones (VA)
Jeff Edwards (VA)
Silvia Klaus (VA)
Keith Mead (MS)
Karis Hastings (GA)
Mara Robbins (VA)
Shawn Hogan (VA)
Cynthia Winings (ME)
Jeri Rogers (VA)
Nancy Hadden (VA)
Clinton Price (KY)
Sharon Flinder (VA)
Karen Henshaw (NJ)
Laura Symons (VA)
Alyssa Bauer (MA)
Rafe Wolman (MA)
Grace Brown (MN)
Lindsey McCarty (VA)
Kelly Cooper (GA)
Stev Zab (IL)
Sandy Arthur (VA)
Loniie Morgan (CO)
Nathan Murphy (CO)
Sharon Rodolf (OR)
Chandler Bennett (OR)
Evan Flom (WI)
Barb Clifford (MD)
Michele Collins (CO)
Julia Davenport (VT)
Victoria Punnett (NY)
Ellen Keenan (MA)
Mike Green (MD)
Marcela Duris (FL)
Alexander Johnson (MN)
Jimi Demetriou (FL)
Lucy Goldberg (VA)
Juliet Hiznay (VA)
Suzie Castle (IL)
Yvonne Chick (ME)
Marianne Gunlock (TX)
Anne Lusby-Denham (VA)
Anne Armistead (VA)
Kenneth DeLong (CA)
Lori Blanc (VA)
Elizabeth Edgerly (RI)
Hilary Moshman (NE)
Ken Lindberg (WI)
Lois Hoffman (MN)
Claudia Creason (FL)
Alex Arteaga (TX)
Marilyn Morita (TX)
Grieg Mayberry (TX)
Deborah Rise (WY)
Brian Crabtree (TX)
Ben Johnson (CT)
Jillian Verzino (NY)
Jacob Quiring (MA)
Denise Mann (VA)
Karen Davis (OR)
Renee Perry (VA)
Debra Miller (TX)
Bill Leach (ID)
Abigail Anderson (VT)
Mary Hauser (NJ)
Jeanne D Fuller (OR)
Amanda Tusa (LA)
Allison Guidroz (LA)
Doug Garrison (NE)
Joette Pelliccia (TX)
Renee Hall (TX)
Michael Watson (TX)
Janet Joscelyne (NC)
Jeffrey Dubinsky (LA)
S. Lee (TX)
Cliff Burgess (PA)
Debbie Davis (TX)
Archie Harris (AZ)
Tammy Jennings (TX)
Cynthia Hill (WI)
Mary Armstrong Wilganoski (TX)
Alan Martin (GA)
Linda Adsit (NY)
Patricia Gatlin (TX)
Christopher Jones (NY)
Lauralee Van Ommen Kloeke (AZ)
Rebecca Hart (WA)
Michelle Orias (CA)
Catherine George (ID)
Larry Fowler (TX)
Tony Palmer (FL)
Jill Young (TX)
Lawrence Wolfskill (TX)
Brian Killackey (MA)
Mina Balakhani (TX)
Deborah Warren (IL)
Terry Bergeron (MO)
Jeanne Underhill (FL)
Michele McKeever (TX)
Bonnie Krebs (NE)
Mathilde Galla (TX)
Anita Mills (TX)
Julie Cornwell (TX)
Gary VanGorp (CO)
Tracy (OH)
Janice Rogers-Levy (OR)
Julie Birsinger (TX)
Audrae Meinhold (CA)
Chelsea Hutchens (TX)
Vikrant Patankar (WA)
Jacqueline Clark (TX)
John Jackson (TX)
William Beiriger (IN)
Anne Wilder (ID)
Ellen Burris (TX)
Jacob Hoag (IL)
Kathy Mccrobie (AK)
Susan McGuinness (LA)
Peter Allison (MA)
Murlin Goeken (CO)
Judith Mudrak (NJ)
Karl Smith (TX)
Casey Tucker (TX)
Gabriel Lautaro (CA)
Don Anderson (TX)
Janet Cooke (CA)
Terry Ogborn (NY)
John Lambert (TX)
Catherine Stroud (TX)
Jesse Hodorowski (CA)
Don Barlow (TX)
Joshua Lyerla (IN)
Annie Hehner (CA)
Amanda Lamb (OR)
Jon Abrahamson (MN)
Monika Besser (TX)
Caryn Standal (WI)
Gregory Lance (NC)
Michelle Gorham (TX)
Donald Young (NJ)
Jody Frierson (TX)
Laura Cardona (TX)
Sandra Shumate (MD)
B Michel (NY)
Rosanne Coffman (KY)
Leah Crenwelge (TX)
Wayne Veino (MO)
Tony Padalino (TN)
Joy Gjersvold (WA)
Leah McIntosh (TX)
Jennifer Surprenant (IL)
Marisa Rodriguez (TX)
Michael Rundquist (VA)
John Thomas (WA)
Emily Billet (CT)
Margaret Walhovd (TX)
Brandi Briscoe (WA)
Ben Beem (NM)
Michael Furci (OH)
Elizabeth Moore (PA)
Kearby Rives (TX)
Joanne Paone (FL)
Joanne Paone (FL)
Sarah Hollar (TX)
Richard Pierce (FL)
Isabella Petnehazy (MI)
Cheryl Farrens (TX)
Sandar Dobday (MA)
Anne Meyer (WI)
Asa Javier BaRa (MI)
Mike Louden (IN)
Peggy Sechrist (TX)
Joel Smith (TX)
Marcia Eustice (PA)
Gay Wright (TN)
Catherine Crowley (AZ)
Louis Stevovich (IN)
Joe Grimes (MD)
Glenda Nickell (MO)
Yvette Burtschell (TX)
Jamie Connatser (TX)
Meng Choo (MD)
Sherra Franklin (NC)
Debbi Strodel (NH)
Robb de Vournai (CA)
Helen Dinerman (CO)
Ibana Villasenor (FL)
Charie lee (AZ)
James Roberts (TX)
Susan Brown (CA)
Rachel Davauer (WI)
Elizabeth Jablonski (WI)
Patricia Goelz (FL)
Clint Dolenz (TX)
Stephen Waters (MO)
Stacey Lee (MA)
Brittany Ardito (TX)
Michele Chase (NV)
Tanya Bedore (MA)
Shirene Garcia (TX)
Susan Waters (MO)
Amanda Johnston (TX)
Linda Strelka (VA)
Consuelo Reyes (NY)
Marielle Dupre (LA)
Matthew Guidry (LA)
Nan Wishner (CA)
Elizabeth Kelley (MA)
Laurie Salmon (MA)
Jennifer Cammarata (MI)
Hilary Studebaker (CO)
Karen Monarch (KY)
Maria Katherman (WY)
Ronn Smith (WY)
Norman Lutter (WY)
Katherine Adams (CT)
Nancy Sorenson (WY)
Helenanne Cathey (WY)
Marion Klaus (UT)
Cathleen Aldrich (WY)
Sharon Steele (CO)
Luke Woodward (WA)
Cynthia Hutchison (CO)
Marcia Dunsmore (SD)
Nick Hofmeister (CA)
Teysa Fymbo (CO)
Emily Sigman (CO)
Ethan Welty (CO)
Amanda Freitas (RI)
Kathryn Fiser (CO)
Jo Quinn (CO)
Will Piersol (CO)
Marcy Mullet (CO)
Kelli Baker (CO)
Malak Otto (CO)
Joan Walker (GA)
Arlene Holomon (WY)
Lisa Drake (CO)
Heidi Ball (OH)
Margaret Paul (CO)
Lawrence Germann (CO)
Claudia Colnar (WY)
Sarah Mentock (WY)
Claire Richardson (CO)
Diane Wilkie (WY)
Heidi Weiss (OR)
Shane Smith (WY)
Jamie Hart (CO)
Melanie Phares (CO)
Robin Claire (CO)
Dainis Hazners (WY)
Beth Utton (CO)
Samantha Wheeler (CO)
Peggy S. Collins (MI)
Michael Cade (OK)
Michael Wheat (AZ)
Michael Appel (OK)
Natalie Neuman (FL)
Samantha Cole-Johnson (CO)
Ryan Dart (CO)
Gary Neurohr (IA)
Kathleen King (UT)
Carissa Ries (TX)
Nancy Wilson (TX)
Susan Alberi (WY)
Bianca Kmieciak (MD)
Cathleen Dorinson (CA)
Catherine George (ID)
Evelyn Griffin (WY)
Je joslin (MA)
Julie Wickert (TX)
Lindsey Hoffman (OR)
Neil and Jennifer Miller (WY)
Evelyn Griffin (WY)
Angelle Hall (TX)
Lois Sturm (NY)
Nancy Deines (WY)
Carola Caldwell (CA)
Paul Franks (WI)
Lois Stickler (KY)
Barry Martin (VA)
D R Spencer (CA)
Jayne Coyne (MI)
Cesar Raposo (NY)
Shirley Reischman (OH)
Stephana Johnson (WA)
Cheri Nichols (CA)
Carol Glaser (FL)
Linda McCord (GA)
Anthony Rumsey (AK)
Jan Ochs (NC)
CT Bross (CA)
Dr. Frank W. Sannella (CA)
Davis Epley (AZ)
Aleksandra Jaksic (CA)
Abraham Ayala (CA)
Swati Srivastava (CA)
Joanne Chenoweth (OR)
Tim Hayes (CA)
Steve Mezsick (MI)
Michael Keith (PA)
Patricia Callahan (MA)
Sushama Gokhale (CA)
Edward Darmanin (NJ)
Katie Barta (VA)
Elisa Tischler (NJ)
Mike Robb (OR)
Audrey Armstrong (CA)
T Grasso (CA)
Victoria Hamilton (CA)
Catherine Doyle (OR)
Craig DeFries (AZ)
Mary Lee Oldenburg (FL)
Kevin Weissman (PA)
Metra Cohanim (IL)
David Geyer (MI)
Lisa Price (CA)
Bill Pleasants (GA)
Abraham Meilich (NC)
Julie Carda (OR)
Dr Kenneth Lim (CO)
Nancy Lester (VA)
Cathy Kingery (NH)
Maeve Fitzgerald (WY)
Justin Souter (CA)
Jodana Scherman (PA)
Sara McCay (HI)
Sheryl Soroczak (VA)
Libby DeMartelly (NH)
Runa Schlaffer (NY)
Paul White (UT)
Jeffrey Philip (OH)
William Mcleod (VA)
Rebecca Miller (ME)
Janice Byrne (PA)
Richard Vultaggio (NY)
Tina Conway (CA)
Merle Dockendorff (IA)
Richard Pitel (WA)
Zoe Alexander (HI)
Karen Bauer (NY)
Millard Mathews (VA)
William Gonzalez (NJ)
Barbara Anderson (SC)
Wendi Combes (GA)
Joy McHargue (TX)
Tim Butler (CA)
Dallas Windham (TX)
Leonora Subrizio (MA)
Jill Wilson (OH)
Joanne Tyler (CA)
Kricket Ichwantoro (VA)
Larry DeVine (AL)
Suzanne Carmona (CO)
Floremce Dargurz (MI)
Patricia Eves (TX)
Jenna Anderson (MN)
Cm Redding-Wagner (OH)
Linda Markert (TX)
Lisa Carroll (TX)
Mike Hageman (WI)
Erika Weber (PA)
Yvonne Hansen (TX)
Enid Futterman (NY)
Al Lumnah (MA)
Lola Vance (CA)
Denise Kastner (IN)
Peter Sigmann (WI)
Marlene Merritt (TX)
Kim Marsh (NC)
Iulia Jordachescu (SC)
Antoinette Brusseau (TX)
George Ulrich (MT)
Laraine Abbey (NJ)
Roger Windsor (CA)
Bonnie A Strub (TX)
Kristin Rutkowski (OH)
Leland Sandifur (WA)
Terry Schiller (OR)
Efrem Thomas (AZ)
Charlene Nash (TN)
Cynthia Roberts (CO)
Cynthia Piotrowski (VA)
Tanya Andrew (UT)
Gary Reams (VA)
Donna Anderson (CA)
Bernadette Barber (VA)
Edwin Sheldon (CO)
Susan V. (CA)
Steven Fain (MO)
Katherine Bailey (TX)
Christine Williams (FL)
Debra Smith (AL)
Mary Walczak (IL)
April Kemp (CO)
Chris Carp (IN)
Eliot Kaplan (WA)
Scott Lang (NC)
Barbara Martin (MA)
John Dommisse MD (AZ)
Julia Luthi (PA)
Joan Tendler (WI)
Sari Steuber (PA)
Wendy Fairman (WA)
Isabel Walcutt (OR)
Dawn Unruh (TX)
Robert Bailey (OR)
Alexa Bishop (CA)
Paula Hall (NC)
Marlene Newlon (WV)
Kathleen Leatherwood (VA)
Lauren Salvi (WI)
Joe LaRocco (NJ)
JG Doble (FL)
Jeffrey Allred (NC)
Michael Goldin (CA)
Jonathan La Rosa (CA)
Sam Kennedy (PA)
Lynn Kramer (NY)
Meehan Elaine (NJ)
Joslynn Chavannes (CA)
Rita Nohner (MN)
Lila Methot (FL)
Ann Finn (WA)
Jana Sattler (MO)
Marjorie Johns (MI)
Tina Kopp (TN)
Kelly Hambelton (FL)
Rebecca Shull (OH)
Walter Felber (CA)
Lori Grasing (DE)
Jill Monahan (VA)
Stephanie Irwin (IL)
Rita Hess (ID)
Carol Christiansen (MN)
Evan Sederquest (NH)
Kerstin DeRolf (KY)
Merry Hagenston (CA)
David Ferguson (OR)
Darrell Lehmann (TX)
Micki Meredith (CA)
Rye Thompson (WA)
Sarah Hafer (OR)
Gay Biery-Hamilton (FL)
CeLena Morris (CO)
George Damm (TX)
Ingrid Olson (WA)
Cynthia StClair (VA)
Elaine Hill (CO)
Geoffrey Blake (CA)
Lauren Ayers (CA)
Linda Millman (NH)
Lisa Currin (PA)
Susan Fillmore (MO)
Claudia Wiens (MN)
Esther Kingfisher (WI)
Patsy Redd (VA)
VA Eggertsen (WA)
Mina Barker (NY)
David Kannerstein (PA)
Jan Lutz (PA)
Jean Colombo (TX)
Jan Mcvey (MI)
Jean Newbold (NY)
Charles Froelich (NC)
David Kidder (MI)
Jasmine Walton (FL)
Walter and Susan Cudnohufsky (MA)
Nancy Bender (IL)
Rebecca Henne (VA)
Ron Grim (AZ)
Terri Warriner (CO)
Michelle Mattingly (NV)
Crystal Laws (NC)
Ruth Schafer (CA)
Joanne Godlewsky (NJ)
Crystal Uvalle (PA)
Lisa Childs (PA)
Jennifer Waymire (VA)
Anne McLean (FL)
Luis Salvat (FL)
Lauren Swonke (OH)
Alan Parker (CA)
Betty Densmore (WA)
Kellie Smith (NH)
Alfred Martinez (CA)
Diane Leveque (WA)
Richard Merz (MO)
Deborah Chrystal (NC)
Mary Gibson (TX)
Nancy McRae (MA)
Nancy Morrison (ID)
Denise Mathre (CA)
Jennifer Basiji (CA)
Nancy Powers (KS)
Robert Nolter (TN)
Lynn Cosmos (WA)
Barbara Powers (TX)
Huston Ripley (PA)
Linda Fels (WA)
Sam Eggertsen (WA)
Scott Stanley (ME)
Carrie West (MA)
Karen Ross (MD)
Amy McMann (NJ)
Luana Hiebert (ID)
Keith Carter (TX)
Bridget Norman (NV)
Claudia Paquet (IL)
Laurel Hieb (AZ)
Paul Baltusis (MI)
Peyton Johnston (MD)
Marilyn Blessum (OK)
Donald Uhri (WA)
Lorenz Steininger (VA)
Alan Rathsam (OR)
James Doherty (WA)
Mary Walkes (SD)
Jessica Prentice (CA)
Laurie Warner (CA)
Joy Metcalf (ME)
Catherine Lanzl (CA)
Arlene Aquino (TX)
Elena Perez (NY)
Joanna Stalker (FL)
Sheila Carlson (OR)
Beverly Martin (PA)
Leslie Lepeska (IL)
Diane Peacock (CA)
Lisa Glassic (VA)
Melwyn Hallam (IL)
Christine DiVinere (CA)
MC Hagerty (CA)
Annabelle Herbert (AZ)
Dori Schoonmaker (NC)
Deana Perkins (TN)
Miranda Morehead (CA)
Jeremy Kasten (CA)
Deah Lobach (PA)
S Stapler (PA)
Steve Lobach (PA)
William Ritthaler (MI)
Donna Wentzel (CA)
Teresa Brown (IL)
Robert Clyne (MI)
Hope Winthrop (CA)
Katherine Cockerham (MD)
Holli Diel (CA)
Deborah Greymoon (CO)
Carolyn Wilson (CA)
Royal Koskela (MN)
Spencer Harstead (IL)
Jennifer Dafeldecker (NH)
Jeffrey Perkins (TN)
Julia Wray (VA)
Stephanie Story (VA)
Richard DeNeale (NY)
Rebecca Turley-Summers (FL)
Doss Donaho (TX)
Kevin Diggs (CA)
Shelia Moulder (CA)
Misty Miller (NY)
Frederica Huxley (MO)
Carolyn Anderson (AZ)
Karen Walker (NJ)
Bronwyn Davis (CA)
John McClary (AZ)
Erika Herman (CA)
Philippe Jamotte (CA)
Douglas McGruter (MA)
Abigail Fuller (ID)
Deborah Kaeder-Carpenter (MN)
Charlotte Kooistra (CA)
Dewey Fish (LA)
Julia Martin (TX)
Warren Woodward (AZ)
Ellin Baskin (SC)
Barbara Bixby (CA)
Cherie Pickett (WA)
Lynn Scroggin (GA)
Tina Mintz (OH)
Bethani LaCoursiere (MN)
Patricia Hughes (NH)
J Greenberg (CA)
Donna Cubit-Swoyer (FL)
Patryce Bak (MA)
Donna Cubit-Swoyer (FL)
Marco Daversa (PA)
Fay Eikenes (NY)
Ann Summers (NC)
Robyn Shelby (OR)
Eric Tanafon (NH)
Anna Harper (NC)
Lisa Gosnell (DE)
Chris St.Pierre (NC)
Tybel Miller (NY)
Christine Zecca (CA)
Sean Henderson (PA)
Abraham Hollister (MN)
Lori Von Der Heydt (OR)
Joy Larsen-McEvans (MT)
Judith & Fred Frodermann (CT)
E Mason (CA)
Albert Seifert (MS)
Cierna Ritts (CA)
Andrzej Wasag (RI)
Kathleen King (UT)
Rhonda Watts-Hettinger (NH)
Rhonda Hammonds (MD)
Diane Loftness (AR)
Donna DeFore (FL)
Susan Michetti (WI)
Karen Gay (VA)
Cheryl Harris (CO)
Eleanor Lawson (VA)
Patricia Boesen (WA)
Tom Whiteman (PA)
Madge Torres (CA)
Diane Conrad (CO)
Robert Price (MI)
Pat Cantwell (CO)
Anita Kendall (WA)
Briana Thiodet (WA)
Joan Burds (MO)
Becky Cantrell (WV)
Grady Deal (NC)
Robert Fairfield (CA)
Sharon Lacy (CA)
Anna McLaughlin (CO)
Angela Gonzalez (CA)
Amy Bacon (VT)
Randall Esperas (OR)
JoAnn Yannotti (CT)
Valerie Guinan (OR)
Michele Sanders (MN)
Laura Gossin (VA)
Marcel Liberge (NH)
Rose Ediger (KS)
Nora Monnet (CO)
Dana Doty (WI)
Shantel Konop (WI)
Madonna Barnard (TX)
Anita Schubert (CT)
Helen Strahl (MI)
Linda Lilyquist (CA)
Scott Poole (UT)
Cindy Gibson (VA)
Deborah Hayes (CA)
Marta Sherwood (VA)
Lisa Lintner (ID)
Tobias Ferris (WA)
Rolf Hastrup (CA)
Kathy Ruopp (IL)
Kenneth Russell (WA)
Joyce Zamelis (MT)
Terry Fabisiak (FL)
John and Carol Collins (VA)
Kenneth Markham (IL)
Bryant Cochran (VA)
Madelyn Lenard (CO)
Jacob Wilson (FL)
John S. Gawaran (MI)
Ken Owens (TN)
Roger Gallup (MO)
Robin Males (NY)
Joanne Welch (NY)
Adelaide Simmons (NM)
E Gundlach (NY)
Kimberly Banks (IN)
Shawn Shouse (AZ)
Amie Shaw (MA)
Mary Peterson (CA)
Vincent Andrews (WV)
Melissa Garcia (FL)
Herbert Aldrich (NY)
Julie Wiegand (MO)
Linda Tyson (IL)
Heather Crimson (CA)
Jerry Cordato (NY)
Susan Decker (IN)
Sally Radoy (MI)
Ann Adams (NM)
Kathleen Campbell (CT)
Gregory Hickey (IL)
John Foster (CT)
Sherri Brainard (CA)
Elizabeth Eaker (TN)
Hans Balkowitsch (IL)
Patricia Repko (VA)
Mary Beth Sammon (OH)
Ricardo Fonseca (NJ)
Joanie Murphy (CA)
Paula Bordenet (WA)
Sandra Shumate (MD)
Joy Chennault (TX)
Peggy S. Collins (MI)
Mary Stone (NC)
Jennifer Larsen (FL)
Susan Simpson (TX)
Julie Soto (CA)
Robert Gosnell (TN)
Hollis Zelinsky (PA)
Dennis Hemingson (TN)
Billy Walker (NC)
Deborah S. Freedman (NJ)
Karen Braun (MO)
Glenna Amiralian (OH)
William Roberson (NY)
Tenney Singer (WA)
Mark Wittenborn (IL)
Debra Wright (GA)
Mary Lockert (WV)
Joanne Heckmann (NY)
Thomas Jeanne (OR)
Maurine Sharp (MI)
Bernard Clegg (TX)
Sharan Ray (KS)
Maurya McCall (VI)
Lola Reed (OK)
Karolyn McCall (CA)
Joan Phillips (CT)
Cecil Frizzell (IN)
Laura Kaufman (MI)
Diane Ake (CA)
Deborah Freedman (NJ)
Marguerite King (NY)
Theresa Mazzei (PA)
Ariel Monserrat (TN)
Kathryn Barvainis (MA)
Andi Rausch (TX)
Claudia Frantz (CA)
Nellie Arnett (IN)
Debbie LeBlanc (FL)
Dynelle Mackey (MI)
Ed Teitcher (CA)
Delia Gordon (TX)
Julie Morris (GA)
Terry Albrecht (CA)
Mary Hoffman (CA)
Randall Biggs (CA)
Father Boniface (MA)
Darrell Arnett (IN)
Marla Hall (TN)
Bobbi Lempert (HI)
Christopher Moulton (MA)
Leslie Vandegrift (CO)
Ruby Cacchione (WA)
Thomas Brenneman (NE)
Anthony Giantinoto (DE)
Joshua Estep (WI)
Marilyn Sgarlata (PA)
Catalina Perez (NY)
Doug Miller (CA)
Scott Laisney (VA)
Patti Bess (CA)
Tim Lankford (IL)
Joseph Fields (MI)
Rob Beiswenger (IN)
Linda Cheatham (CA)
Don Curtis (CA)
Joy Baker (GA)
Debra King (MI)
Margie Stewart (NC)
Kevin Leger (LA)
Constance Shambo (UT)
Annette Seidel (NC)
Moraima Suarez (NY)
Annette Seidel (NC)
Joyce Stuart (NC)
Phyllis Booze (VA)
Ross Cosby (CA)
Jeanne Plunkett (WI)
Sue Ulrich (NY)
Clinton Kraft (CA)
Glenda Ploeger (NC)
Jason Koppe (TX)
Patricia O’Leary (MD)
Michele Mroczek (MI)
Sarah Lam (VA)
Angie Wallace (AL)
Konstanze Hickey (FL)
Alisa Terry (WA)
Barbara Kavanagh (CA)
Christian Bertelsen (VI)
Maureen Hyslop (ME)
Pat Schoofs (WI)
Loren Spector (CA)
Gail Ferber (WA)
Mary Billingsley (CO)
David Plante (ME)
Paul Bailey (CA)
Amy Bramhall (NY)
M Draper (CA)
Allen Giar (FL)
Lori Crockett (CA)
Artielia Robinson (CA)
Leah Carrol (FL)
Matthew Unfried (MD)
Pamela Marshall (OH)
Sharon Ogara (FL)
Jen Molitor (OH)
Erin Matthews (AR)
Lynette Smith (MI)
Laura Barrett (CA)
Alan Little (VA)
Natalie Mannering (AR)
Robert Banever (CA)
Carol Lashley (MO)
Andrea Sater (ID)
Eva Goss (NH)
Anna Karp (VA)
Carol Berman (GA)
Letitia Noel (IL)
Marianne Simon (MA)
David Valzania (MA)
Kathy Stimets- Vidal (TX)
Bernard Sally (MT)
A Wald-Tuttle (CA)
Clarence Soukup (CA)
Mariellen Kulik (CO)
Christine Gill (NV)
Jamie Hill (TN)
Margaret Morris (OH)
Lisa Cooper (LA)
Jolana Coley (CO)
Michael Short (VT)
Maureen O’Neal (OR)
Joan Taylor (AZ)
Paul Albrecht (PA)
Barbara Laxon (FL)
G. Cruz (VA)
Michelle Lee (NC)
Karen Burroughs (FL)
Mary Rausch (WA)
Colette Glaeser (CA)
Karen Patterson (GA)
Annie Prevost (WA)
Kathleen Wolfe (WA)
Laura Bratt (KS)
Corinne Monk (OH)
Anna Carter (NH)
George Stadnik (NY)
Ishaa Burris (CA)
Susan Marquez (CA)
Rose Carson (NV)
Margaret Hess (WI)
Vicki Ratliff (MO)
Steven Weil (IL)
Wanda Cassese (NJ)
Mike Ferguson (MN)
Candace Hall (OH)
Karen Erickson (IL)
Betty McIntire (TN)
Kristy Holman (TX)
Bob Brady (CA)
Emily LaBrenz (MI)
Peter Poulos (OH)
Tom Russell (NY)
Carol Jagiello (NJ)
Ann Boroch (CA)
Jennifer Bossard (CO)
Teresa Gingras (MI)
Ellen Baize (VA)
Jill Grams (WI)
Pamela Magathan (CA)
Kenneth DeLong (CA)
Diane Davids (AZ)
James Childress (MT)
Vera Congdon (TX)
Bill Ventre (ID)
Rachel Gucker (TX)
Lyubov Kasperovich (NY)
Ricky Scott (PA)
Robert Chambers (CA)
Mike Massari (PA)
Rae Cook (MA)
Klaus Meier (PA)
Trish Trombly (CA)
William Hulme (MI)
Page Fairfield (CA)
Norman Ross (AZ)
Britt Kaylor (CO)
Mary Howerton (TX)
M J Perona (CA)
Terrence Clark (MO)
Marston Schultz (CA)
Doris DiPasquale (VA)
Linda Myers (PA)
Franklin Elis (NY)
Autumn Brook (ME)
Susan Leibowitz (IL)
Emily Townsend (CO)
Rod Loomis (KS)
Leslie Sharlock (PA)
Gary Morse (NY)
Nancy Strong (AZ)
Julia Cleary (KS)
Ven Karri (NJ)
Dennis Ledden (CA)
Meredith Hill (PA)
Terry Colegate (FL)
Kevin Weeks (MI)
Charles Weaver (MI)
Jason Clark (TN)
John Zahos (IL)
Peggy Nolan (FL)
Tim Batten (KS)
Cynthia Wills (TX)
Susan Burke (NY)
Lisa Field (MA)
Chuck Wiersema (MO)
MK Dunston (VA)
Chryse Glackin (NY)
Denise Nickerson (GA)
Diane Jabaley (GA)
Sonia Blais (FL)
Anna Snodgrass (MD)
Katherine Bowler (MO)
Barbara Dehaba (PA)
Kathleen Klaeser (FL)
Leonard Rosenblum (NY)
Jackie Bettinger (WI)
Michelle Maier (MI)
Mary Olsen (WI)
Eva Perkins (TN)
Annette Pedersen (FL)
Carol Bentley-Iverson (IA)
Jean Palmer (VT)
Lyn Morrey (SC)
Richard Thorpe (CO)
Nancy Moorehead (IA)
Philippe Prévoteau (OH)
Julie Witter (PA)
Chat Picken (MI)
James Stellick (CO)
Judyth Johnson (GA)
Erin Coughlin-Boyle (KS)
Scott Carr (CA)
Bonita Turner (PA)
Leslie Dack (SC)
Diane Blohowiak (WI)
Constance Shambo (UT)
Chris Bramich (TX)
Jason Hall (TN)
Sharon Rounds (WI)
Craig Wolcott (TX)
Mary Beth Horst (VA)
Rita Moore (OK)
Jeanne Bjorn (AZ)
Eric Bockenthien (IL)
Holly Harrod (MT)
Shirley Kindrick (OH)
Carol Arnold (MD)
Janet Joscelyne (NC)
Autumn Barr (CA)
Ray Cage (AZ)
Kim Fischer (MN)
Jay and Lucia Weinroth (OH)
Brenda Walters (IA)
Laura Dodd (CA)
Sue-anne Solem (NC)
Shirley Ray (TX)
Nancy Goble (TX)
Raymond Smith (PA)
Guy Tourangeau (NY)
Jared Lopez (TX)
Ann Pfeifer (CA)
Lucille Balukjian (PA)
Derrick Little (PA)
Sydnae Steinhart (RI)
Thera Vernell (UT)
Scott Smith (CO)
Amy Kilpatrick (WI)
David Pomeroy (KS)
Joy Halpern (WA)
Bhavana Lymworth (WA)
Kelly Qureshi (NV)
Patricia Richards (MD)
Elizabeth Pagliaroli (CT)
Debbie Goelz (WI)
Jeannette Schreiber (OR)
Rita Davis (OK)
Ruth McCassie (MA)
Michael Kriletich (CA)
Jon Fox (CO)
Kim Holeton (IL)
Marilyn Siddiqi (IL)
Tyler Morse (OR)
Nick Kong (MD)
Anna Allen (CA)
T Hadley (CA)
John Dunlap (CA)
Susan Green (ID)
Chris Weiss (OR)
Kim Fountain (CA)
Diane Ernst (WY)
Karen Pol (TX)
Tara Yoder (IA)
Linda Rivera (FL)
Fletcher Garner (NC)
Jamie Bell (NY)
Daniel Bell (NY)
Tracey Callari (NY)
Jesse Callari (NY)
Patricia Stabler (MT)
Vanessa Tester (KY)
Marilyn Steffen (NM)
Rajan Khokhar (CA)
Bertina Boyd (MD)
Colleen McMahon (CO)
Philip Archabald (NY)
Frances Wyatt (TN)
Melinda Bauerlein (NY)
Sandra Person (VA)
Stephanie Rieffanaugh (PA)
Elise Becksvoort (ME)
Mark Chudley (PA)
Steve Shacter (CA)
Amy Sullivan (WI)
Dick Shaw (TN)
Holly Farris (OK)
Lisa Holak (IL)
Susan Boing (PA)
Belinda Chambers (WA)
Ceilia Marx (CA)
Molly Gray (VA)
Asher Putterman (VA)
Eva Carran (CO)
Beth Rose (NY)
Carol Rolf (WA)
Ava Frick (MO)
Jane Frieler (MN)
Jennifer Thrasher (CO)
Jessica Clark (KY)
GayLyn Scholes (TX)
Barry Corbett (IL)
Allison Murphy (FL)
Cynthia Tufts (GA)
Patrick Sullivan (OR)
Kathleen Berg (WA)
Suzanne Shwab (NY)
Devon Newman (NV)
Violet Griffith (OR)
Cory Thompson (OH)
Bosley Hiss (MA)
Diana Morrison (FL)
John Stasiek (SC)
Gerald Wahrenberger (NC)
Richard Kauffman (CA)
Linda Eberhard (MI)
Mary Hutten (OH)
Cathy Osborn (TX)
Laura Martin (FL)
Edward Kibler (DE)
Cathie Ernst (AZ)
Pam VanHook (IN)
Faith Hofer (UT)
Michael Whyte (CA)
Randi Miller-Grasseth (OR)
Lynne Davis (IL)
Marie Russell (NY)
Harold Morlan (TX)
Diana Holman (CO)
Rachel Yan (CO)
Madeline Patterson-O’Dell (CO)
Geri Adams (CO)
Adam Weaver (PA)
Verona Murray (CA)
Anne Wallace (CA)
Sacha Riviere (CA)
Crystal MacRoberts (WA)
Vivian Masters (CO)
Mary Sue Laing (VA)
Liz Kochis (CO)
Sandy Niemiec (KY)
Renee Lambo-Barnes (CO)
Kendra Riley (FL)
Leah May (TX)
Greg Steuck (CO)
Amanda Blume (FL)
Sam Shone (CO)
Elizabeth Yost (CO)
Kathleen Griffin (AL)
Paige Jacobson (GA)
Denise Ward (MA)
Susan Becker (CO)
Tatiana Zybin (NC)
Michael Pinkerton D.C. (CA)
Donna Rowland (WA)
Mandara Benedict (TX)
Timothy Howard (CA)
Jen Daly (NY)
Wil Griffin (GA)
Gabriella Marselian (VA)
Joyce Spears (OH)
Vincent Andrews (WV)
Jane Elzy (IN)
Sherrie Branson (KY)
Harvey Scroggs (LA)
Richard Cook (CO)
Kathleen Tovey (IL)
Chad Roasa (TX)
Kyra Bjornsson (CA)
Erica Rhinehart (CO)
Reynaldo Rodriguez (MD)
Aimee Leberer (NY)
Debra Meiring (IN)
Cindy Hair (FL)
Brandi McAlonan (NY)
Irene Walther (FL)
Thomas Harr (TX)
Geoffrey Burns (ID)
Neil Frauenheim (FL)
Barb Clifford (MD)
Patricia Russell (NY)
Myra Kubicek (IL)
Abraham Weaver (KY)
Jaine Tipple (OR)
Matthew Hannan (NY)
Beth Wright (CO)
Wm Eichelberger (MA)
Shannon Seth (WA)
C. T. Bronzan (CO)
Mary Jacks-Rogers (NY)
Barry Langford (AR)
David Darby (IA)
Galen Cranz (CA)
Marie Sternquist (AK)
Thorgrun Odden (CA)
Betty Gustafson (CA)
Catherine Haug (MT)
Richard Nappi (NY)
Jessica Mehl (VA)
Yosef Baras (NY)
Nona Rutter (FL)
Tom King (TX)
Mary Smolinski (FL)
S. D. Marsh (AL)
Sue Nusbaum (FL)
Catherine Day (FL)
Susie Warner (SD)
Jon Wilson (WA)
Laney Warner (FL)
Robin Stewart (CO)
Dolores Pieper (IN)
Mary Christenson (WI)
Iris Friedman (MA)
Amy Mahoney (SC)
Ellen M (CA)
Debra Creekmore (GA)
Karen Ksiazek-Wilson (CO)
Léon Jeffrey Lickteig (FL)
Candace Burns (ID)
Benjamin Hickel (WI)
P Hickey (MD)
John Bach (WI)
Bonnie Breckenridge (CA)
Anthony Igwe (FL)
Cyndie Kalina (CA)
Melody Williams (WA)
Gisela Pollak (NC)
Rich Gady (CO)
Marc Petrequin (MD)
Natalie Dobie (IN)
Jenna Adams (MA)
Dave Maier (MI)
Victoria Carmona (CT)
Gary Friedlund (IL)
Marigail Barcome (MD)
Kimberly Wiley (NY)
Sue Porter (CO)
Gary Henneke (TX)
Melissa Mcdonald (KS)
Bonnie Smith (TX)
Anna McNeill (CA)
Kim Hambright (CO)
Mandy Luna (CO)
Charles Riley (MN)
Carrie Smith (CA)
Linda Chamberlin (NM)
David Pomeroy (KS)
Kevin Williams (WA)
Paula Mann (IL)
Constance Kutzleb (MI)
Andres Aguirre (MA)
Peg Futrell (VA)
Sarah McCauley (MS)
David Ward (TX)
Michael Quinn (IN)
Elicia Kortus (SD)
Jennifer Spann (WI)
Anna Hoeme (OK)
Karen Fernandez (TX)
Eric Avery (KY)
Jotham McCauley (MS)
Donna Rogers (PA)
Brenna LeTexier-Vink (SD)
Elyn O’connell (NY)
Marcy Doyle (ME)
Mary Hyatt (MD)
Jody Smith (FL)
Chasya Goutermont (MN)
Randy Goutermont (MN)
Ann McCarty (NC)
Joanna Guillot (CA)
Marlene Happel (MI)
Amy Janowski (RI)
Kim Wek (VA)
Peggy Raffel (TN)
Gisela Lachnitt (CO)
Nicholas Kwisnek (VA)
Matt Weimerskirch (OH)
Mark Buzzatto DDS (PA)
Suzanne Toepperwein (TX)
Cheri Head (CO)
Mark Weinheimer (NY)
Keely Murdoch (WA)
Annette Hatch (NY)
Karen Obermiller (MN)
Paul Brunner (MO)
Anthony Brown (TN)
Linda Cung (ID)
Sally OBoyle (KY)
Renee Harward (IA)
Amy Blea (TX)
Matt Weimerskirch (OH)
Melissa Harlan (AZ)
Donna Young (CO)
Holly Budd (MD)
William Peters (TX)
Christopher Cole (MD)
Mark M Giese (WI)
Ashlin Whitaker (UT)
Bryon Moore (FL)
Lily Calfee (CO)
DeLynn Roberts (TX)
Felicia Nesbit (MD)
Debra Link (NM)
Kelly Hickman (CA)
Susan Cook (NC)
Susan Stroud (MI)
Reece Anderson (TX)
Kimberly Coffey (NJ)
Lisa Munniksma (KY)
Teri Linneman (MO)
Kalita Todd (CA)
Olga Beyer (CO)
Marie Lane (MA)
John Hunnicutt (MO)
Pam Marks (WY)
Katherine Turner (CA)
Michael Bradley (MI)
Nettie Winkler (MI)
Virgina Dawnswir (VA)
Gudrun Bender (PA)
Rhonda Fisehr (MI)
Gaie Feuerstein (AL)
Brian Smith (AL)
Treya Smith (AL)
Kirsten Fondren (AL)
Marcene Malusky (ND)
Bryan Lauria (MI)
Corin Stedman (NC)
Grace Kroeger (OH)
Karen Horn (OR)
Christopher Walters (MI)
Kathi Butz (GA)
Janeen Holmstrom (IL)
Fred Runyan (MI)
Karen Bishop (NH)
Susan Vogel (NY)
Kate Benn (NC)
Jackie Gramer (GA)
Susan Cordova (TX)
Mary Krupa (OH)
Anthony Alexander (CA)
Ann Murdock (VA)
Dianna Hyatt (ID)
Ronnie Daldos (NJ)
Tony Padalino (TN)
Stephen Plate (NY)
Deborah Smith (VA)
William Schmidig (NJ)
Chiara Barbier (MI)
Jennifer Mergos (MI)
Gennah Hill (MI)
Diane Maennle (MI)
Alison Becker (CO)
Brett Stalsby (LA)
Alicia Karnes (NV)
Maria Reese (MN)
Steffanie Mccarty (AR)
Anne Marie Omweg (RI)
Arthur Heinman (WA)
Leah Greenway (FL)
Susanne Abetti (VT)
William Ackerman (AZ)
Debra Adair (CA)
A Adams (CA)
Lynn Albrecht (MN)
Paul Albrecht (PA)
Anna Aldredge (CA)
Timothy Aldridge (VA)
Amy Ali (VA)
Tom Allbright (TX)
Dana Allen (OR)
Melanie Allen (TX)
Stephen Alley (CO)
Roxanne Allgeier (CA)
Jay Allyn (IA)
Janice Alt (NJ)
Richard Altice (VA)
Scott Amburgy (MO)
Katie Ames (MO)
Marsha Andreola (NC)
Cheryl Andrus (OK)
Patrice Anita (CA)
Julie Anschutz (TX)
Cherie Anttila (CA)
Carla Aoyagi (CA)
Winston Apple (VA)
Wendy Apple (KY)
Katherine Appleton (TX)
Rebecca Archey (CO)
Brittany Ardito (TX)
Beverly Armstrong (OH)
Mark Arnest (CO)
Robin Asselin (VA)
Tally Atkinson (OK)
Terry Auch (CA)
Lo Auer (MO)
Keith Augusto (NV)
Gerald Auth (MA)
Courtney Averill (CO)
Susan Ayers (TX)
Stephanie Ayoub (MI)
Shary B (WA)
Clifton Bain (NM)
Kelli Baker (CO)
Anne Baker (NJ)
Martena Baker (VA)
Craig Baker (OR)
Mike Baker (MO)
Lacretia Balance (OR)
Jeanette Barber (TX)
Charlie Barnes (GA)
Corinne Barnes (OK)
Jill Barnett (MI)
Samantha Barnett (MI)
Debbie Baron (CA)
Pam Barron (TX)
Audrey Barton (MI)
Tracey Bartula (MO)
Heidi Baruch (CO)
Isabella Bates (MA)
Karen Bauerle (MA)
Nancy Baughman (NM)
Sarah Ellen Baumgartner (MO)
Barbara Baur (MD)
Lily Beaugard (NJ)
Natalie Beaugard (NJ)
Nora Becerra (NV)
Tracy Bedford (OH)
Jacqueline Beecher (CA)
M Behravesh (KS)
Brandi Beins (OK)
William Beiriger (IN)
Jon Beissel (PA)
Christian Bell (CA)
Dean Bell (CA)
Eric Bello (FL)
John Bennett (MI)
Talitha Bennett (OK)
Vanessa Bennett (CA)
Charlette Benson (AR)
Edward Bentley (WA)
Barbara Benton (VT)
Terry Bergeron (MO)
Carole Bergman (PA)
Peggy Berline (WA)
Lauren Bernick (TX)
Samantha Bettis (IL)
Pieter Bezemer (CA)
Ronnie Bias (AZ)
Luisa Bieri (OH)
Christina R. Billingsley (TX)
Christy Birch (VA)
Sandra Bird (VA)
Alexa Bishop (CA)
Rose Bohmann (MA)
Gretchen Boise (VA)
Sally Boisvert (AK)
Tamra Bokal (OR)
Anali Bolton (CO)
Betty Bolton (CA)
Lois Bond (WA)
Naomi Bongorno (OH)
Susan Booker (VA)
Sharon Boots (VA)
Joshua Boozer (AL)
Kristin Boozer (TX)
VA Bormann (WI)
Greg Bostic (OK)
Rachel Bostic (OK)
Jessie Bostic (OK)
Robert Boston (OK)
Gere Botelho (CA)
Faith Boudreau (ME)
Gayle Bowler (MN)
Kathleen Bowman (VA)
Michael Boyle (VA)
Coneen Brace (TX)
Susan Bradford (CA)
Cassandra Brecht (TX)
Joseph Brennan (MN)
Belinda Brewster (MI)
Roni Britton (WA)
Joanna Brock (MO)
Eileen Broderick (CA)
Seth Brown (NM)
Barbara Brown (MS)
VA Brown (VA)
Alex Brown Jr (AZ)
Robert Brubaker (CO)
Janice Brumback (OK)
Nona Brummett (TN)
Jill Brunak (CA)
Kathleen Bruns (IL)
Jack Bubenick (SC)
Sandra Buffington (CO)
Stephen Bullock (IL)
Lynn Bunin (CO)
Piper Burch (LA)
Matthew Burdette (NH)
Sarah Burke (NY)
Robert Burns (OH)
Tim Butler (CA)
Mark Buzzatto DDS (PA)
Dina Caldwell (VA)
Judith Caldwell (MI)
Ruth Caldwell (PA)
Barbara Callaghan (FL)
Molly Callaghan (PA)
Edward Camilleri (FL)
Grace Cangialosi (VA)
Rita Canning (OK)
Rebecca Cantrell (WV)
Pietro Caporusso (TX)
Joseph Cardillo (NJ)
Dave Carlson (MN)
Vicki Carlson (MD)
Amber Carlson (CO)
Suzanne Carmona (CO)
Donna Carneal (OK)
Scott Carr (CA)
Robert Carr (NJ)
Kathy Carr (NY)
Martha Carrell (TX)
Arthur Carroll (AK)
June Carter (CO)
April Casanova (TX)
Keith D. Castleberry (MT)
Jamie Caston (FL)
Roseanne Cavallo (NJ)
Dawn Cejka (MI)
Chuck Ceraso (CO)
Elyse Chaloupka (TX)
Marsha Champagne (NY)
YenYen Chang (NJ)
Amy Chase (NC)
Joanne Chenoweth (OR)
Sandra Chervenak (CO)
Sylvie Chevallier (CO)
Robert Chin (VA)
Lisa Chipkin (CA)
Renata Christen (IA)
H.C. Clark (TX)
Ben Clarke (CO)
Bernard Clegg (TX)
Charles Clemens (OR)
Erik Cleveland (HI)
Robert Clyne (MI)
Bryant Cochran (VA)
Betty Coffman (KY)
Peter Coggi (WY)
Aaron Collier (TX)
Jean Colombo (TX)
Eben Conner (MD)
Stormie Conway (NJ)
Kathleen Cook (OR)
Rachel Cook (CA)
Janet Cooke (CA)
Kathy Cooper (TX)
Lynn Cosmos (WA)
Jill Costello (OR)
Keyren Cotter (TX)
Dan Court (MD)
Katherine Coyle (NJ)
John Cozzi (NY)
Peter Craig (TX)
Donna Craig (AZ)
Barbara Crain (OK)
Jerry Crain (NE)
Levi Crawford (IL)
Dana Crawford (TX)
Karen Crenshaw (CA)
Edie Crim (OK)
Theresa Crook (CO)
JR Crooks (FL)
Phillip Croteau (CO)
Juliette Croteau (MI)
Therese Croteau (MI)
James Croteau (IL)
Catherine Croteau (IL)
Wanda Cucinotta (WA)
Walter and Susan Cudnohufsky (MA)
Roxanne Cummins (NY)
Ward Curry (NE)
Diane Curtis (CA)
Connie Curtis (TX)
Richard Cahlstrom (FL)
Barbara Dahms (TX)
Emily Dale (FL)
David Dalia (LA)
Julie Danehy (TX)
Thomas Dannecker (CA)
Shania Dannenmueller (TN)
Wendy Darling (VA)
Linda Daubert (TX)
Catharine David (VA)
Sharon David (LA)
Shellee Davis (CA)
Lynna Davis (FL)
Lauren Dawson (TX)
Sarah Day (GA)
C Day (FL)
Cat Day (FL)
Veronica Dayoub (TX)
Andrew De Young (IL)
Patrick Dean (TN)
Dovanna Dean (CA)
Joanne Dean (CA)
John Decker (TX)
Donna DeFore (FL)
Ferd Dehne (VA)
Debra Del Grande (CA)
Jan Delaura (VA)
Claire DeLaura (VA)
Faye Delon (CO)
Jon DeMoss (TX)
Kendra DeSimone (MA)
Brian Dewey (KY)
Patricia DeWitt (MT)
Janet DiAntonio (PA)
Liz Diaz (FL)
Nathan Diebenow (TX)
Thomas Dietrich (OH)
James Dillon (TX)
Lisa Dixon (TN)
Nadia Dobraya (OR)
Merle Dockendorff (IA)
Wendie Dockstader (IA)
Belinda Dodd (OR)
Adrienne Dodd (TX)
Carrie Doherty (NY)
Victoria Dolan (CA)
Sandra Doney (LA)
Shannon Dorman (TX)
Sonyia Douglas (TN)
Shelly Douglas (OR)
Mia Dravis (CA)
Sheree Du Bois (CA)
Mark DuBois (NY)
Nicholas Dudek (IL)
Amy Dudleson (OK)
Lorraine Dukes (WA)
Tina Dungan (OK)
Nancy Dunn (CA)
Alyssa Dunn (IA)
Solveig Dutkewych (NC)
Wendy Dutsky (MI)
Stephanie Dyches (SC)
Margaret Dyson-Cobb (VA)
Michelle Eaton (IN)
Karen Eberly (FL)
Rick Eberts (CA)
Chelsea Eddington (MO)
Deborah Edwards (NY)
Stephanie Eiring (VT)
Brian Ellender (LA)
April Ellerman (UT)
Lisa Ellious (WI)
Barbara Ellis (TX)
Charla Emerick (TX)
George Emmert (OK)
Emily Emmert (OK)
Margie Encke (TN)
Rochelle English (TX)
Laurel Epps (AK)
A Erhard (CA)
David Erickson (CA)
Jesse Ernst (IN)
Chris Erskine (CO)
Susan Ervin (NE)
Frank Escalante (NJ)
Cindy Eschenroeder (AZ)
Randall Esperas (OR)
Martha Estes (TX)
Kimberly Eudy (NC)
Danielle Evans (TX)
Jill Evely (KY)
Stephanie Ewals (MN)
Kari Eyer (PA)
Michael Farmer (VA)
Landon Farmer (MO)
Cori Farris (TX)
Juliann Faulkner (CA)
Melissa Feder (CA)
Margret Felty (NY)
Anne Ferron (TX)
Zachary Fields (MD)
Cara Filipiak (MO)
John Finazzo (MN)
Joel Fink (VA)
Kevin Finney (CA)
Randal Fird (CO)
Margaret Fischer (OH)
Janis Fisher (CA)
Gary Fisher (TX)
Deborah Fitchen (WA)
Rachel Fitchett (MI)
Terrence Flynn (TX)
Sharon Fomby (FL)
Art Fore (NM)
Laura Foster (CO)
Cindy Foster (OK)
Jon Fox (CA)
Leslie Fox (CO)
William France (TN)
Shannon Franklin (CA)
Kim Friendly (OK)
Eric Frodsham (TX)
Kevin Fry (VA)
Rachel Futach (MI)
Arthur Gagnon (CT)
Dixie Gainer (OR)
Pankaj Gala (NJ)
Amy Gall (MO)
Marilyn Gallagher (SD)
Gwen Gambill (OK)
Meagan Garcia (UT)
Alicia Gardner (WA)
Laurie Garretson (TX)
Jeremy Garrett (WA)
Linda Garza (CA)
Courtney Gaston (LA)
Gigi Gaulin (NM)
Elisabeth Gent (LA)
Lawrence Germann (CO)
Roger Gettig (CO)
Gay Getz (TX)
Todd Geurink (MI)
Erin Geurink (MI)
Linda Giangregorio (AZ)
Allen Giar (FL)
Kevin Gibson (VA)
Brian Giffin (WA)
Marjorie Gillespie (CA)
Dan Gillie (NC)
Barry Gillingham (MO)
Kristina Gillingham (MO)
Robert Gillogly (IN)
Nancy Ging (WA)
Teresa Gingras (MI)
Debi Gloria (CA)
Patricia Glover (FL)
Sally Godschalk (OH)
Murlin Goeken (CO)
Jerry Goldberg (FL)
Horace Goldberg (CO)
Lauren Goldberg (WA)
Mary Golden (IN)
David Goldman (WA)
Angie Gonzalez (FL)
Robert Gott (ID)
Gray Graham (WA)
Joan Graham (VA)
Patricia Grant (WI)
Marsha Grant (CO)
Natalia Gray (CO)
Dennis Green (VA)
Pamela Green (FL)
Lee Greenawalt (CA)
Thomas Greene (MD)
Elizabeth Greene (MA)
Judith Greenleaf (CA)
Karen Griffin (WI)
Fred Guenther (MO)
Valerie Guinan (OR)
Ty Guyon (IL)
Kevin Haakenson (NY)
Melody Haase (WI)
Claude Haby (TX)
Elizabeth Hackett (NC)
Tana Hagen (OR)
L Haines (CA)
Amy Haines (TX)
Thomas Hall (OK)
Theresa Hall (TX)
Kate Hamilton (OH)
Janine Handler (OK)
Michael Hansen (PA)
Ryan Hanson (VA)
Jennifer Hardee (CO)
Rebecca Harding (HI)
Kristy Hardy (MI)
Kathleen Harmon (TX)
Amanda Harnden (MI)
Christy Harris (TX)
Dan Harris (NE)
Susan Harris (MA)
Archie Harris (AZ)
Jean Harris (TX)
Charles Harris (VA)
Margie Harris (VA)
Valerie Harrison (CA)
Rebecca Hart (WA)
Kristi Harter (IN)
Laura Hartman (CO)
Kenneth Hartson (VA)
Laurilei Hauer (FL)
Colleen Hausman (FL)
Linda Heinen (TX)
Melissa Heiselt (OH)
Shaina Heller (NC)
Steve Helling (SD)
Debbie Henderson (TX)
Patricia Henderson (CA)
Dee Henneke (TX)
Scott Henry (SD)
Annabelle Herbert (AZ)
Sharon Herling (PA)
Laura Herzberg (MO)
Nancy Herzog (CA)
Barbra Hickey (NC)
Doretta Hill (OK)
Jerry Hodges (CO)
Shane Hoefsloot (WA)
Amelia Hohl (UT)
Teresa Hoke House (WA)
Neil Holder (AK)
Kristy Holman (TX)
Nathan Holtmeyer (MO)
Laura Holtmeyer (MO)
Nancy Holton (MT)
John Holzmann (CO)
Margaret Hood (WA)
Nicole Hoover (PA)
Melissa Hopkins (MD)
Mark Hornbaker (GA)
Brittany Horton (SC)
Bernard Horvath (IN)
Caroline Houlditch (MS)
Susan Howard (FL)
Deborah Hughes (CA)
Dawn Hughes (TX)
Nancy & Pat Hummel (TX)
D Hunt (MI)
Deborah Hunter-Sullivan (NC)
Frederica Huxley (MO)
Marjorie Immonen (MA)
VA Ingalls (VA)
Ray Istre (LA)
Keith Jackson (TX)
Debi Jackson (OH)
Susan Jackson (MD)
Samantha Jacobs (NY)
Elizabeth Jacobson (MA)
Forest Jahnke (WI)
James Jamison (MO)
Lisa Jarman (MI)
Jennifer Jarvis (MD)
Jeremiah Jarvis (TX)
Carol Jefferies (CA)
Jill Jensen (CA)
Michael Johan (CO)
Loretta Johansen (TX)
David Johnson (WA)
Roberta Johnson (VA)
Christopher Jones (NY)
Olga Jones (OR)
Ronda Jones (AR)
Patricia Jorae (MI)
Thomas Jordan (MA)
Jessica Joslin (KY)
Nancy Juskowich (PA)
Kelli Kalso (MI)
Tony Karian (CA)
Anna Karp (VA)
Alex Kasak (VA)
Barbara Kelly (NM)
Jocelyn Kelso (CO)
Julie Kerckhoff (MO)
Lindsay Khan (CT)
Marguerite King (NY)
Karen King (FL)
Dora Kinner (WA)
Kristie Kinney (OH)
Grace Kirby (TX)
David Kirby (FL)
Jen-Ann Kirchmeier (AK)
Tammy Kishino (TX)
John Kistler (MI)
Justin Klarenbeck (CA)
Elissa Kleeman (OH)
Heather Kleveter (KS)
Laree Kline (CO)
Juli Klotter (SC)
Daniel Klus (AZ)
Ellen Knapp (CO)
Victoria Knaster (NY)
Andrea Knight (NC)
Marie Koehne (MD)
Nancy Kosling (TX)
Richard Kouyoumjian (SC)
Christopher Kranz (CO)
Jerome Krisko (NY)
Laura Krouse (IA)
Annamarie Krska (MN)
Jenn Krusinski (MN)
Rachel Kubalek (NE)
Daniela Kunz (TN)
Jan La Forge (OH)
Nancy Lade (FL)
Cindy Ladig (OH)
Laura Ladwig (MI)
Tad Lamb Jr (OH)
Cameron Lambert (NV)
Kathleen Lamont (NY)
Susan Lampman (VA)
Misty Lampman (VA)
Doug Landau (FL)
Olga Lane (CA)
Robert Langston (TX)
Melissa Lanham (CA)
Betse Lanier (TX)
Sue Lanning (IN)
Catherine Lanzl (CA)
Mary Larkin (CA)
Serena Larkin (WA)
Joe LaRocco (NJ)
Gina LaRoche (NJ)
Robert Larsen (CO)
Debbie Larson (MO)
Linda Larson (ID)
Diane Lavelle (WV)
Sara Lavenhar (WA)
RJ LaVoie (MN)
Amy Law (WY)
Debbie LeBlanc (FL)
Debbie LeBlanc (FL)
Janina Lecker (TX)
Michelle Lee (NC)
Alan Lee (CO)
Eileen Lee (TX)
John Leech (TN)
Tyler Leedy (KS)
Judith Leese (MD)
Victoria Lehman (TX)
Margaret Lehmann (MT)
Bobbi Lempert (HI)
Kent Lenhard (CA)
Bill Lenhart (OH)
Caryn Lerman (CO)
Diane Lesko (TX)
Michael Levine (NY)
Linda Lewis (CA)
Jennifer Lewis (VA)
Margaret Lincoln (AZ)
David Link (GA)
Donald Lipker (NY)
Therese Lipovsky (MD)
Shirley Lipschutz (CA)
Omar Liripio (WA)
John Llodra (MA)
Ron Lockard (TX)
Kim Lockard (MI)
Amanda Logan (TX)
Lisa Logic (WA)
Monica Lopez (CA)
Laura Lopez (FL)
Aurelie Loria (CA)
Oron Lott (WA)
Lindell Lovelace (NM)
Timothy Loveland (NY)
Mary Lovrien (CO)
Sarah Luna (TX)
Bhavana Lymworth (WA)
Matt Lyons (WA)
Devin Lyttle (PA)
Ian MacGregor (CA)
Kathleen Maddux (HI)
Pamela Magathan (CA)
Ron Maloney (PA)
Sean Mandelbaum (OR)
Maria Manemann (LA)
Natalie Mannering (AR)
Sylvia Marie (CA)
Anca Marinescu (PA)
Howard Markert (OH)
Francisco Marques (CO)
Richard S. Marten (VA)
Duane & Mary-Frances Martin (TX)
Amelia Martin (PA)
Julie Martin (NV)
Gwen Martin (VA)
Bonita Martin (OR)
Miton Martyny (PA)
E Mason (CA)
Amanda Mason (OH)
Mark Mason (VA)
Robert Mason (ID)
Gail Massey (CO)
Gail Massoll (OR)
Bob Mathews (TN)
Brett Mathews (IL)
Millard Mathews (VA)
Mark Mathison (OK)
Anthony Matthews (NC)
Chuck Matzker (MA)
Chris Maxwell (VA)
Fran May (TX)
Roberta May (WI)
Dee Mazzio (MO)
Kevin McCaffery (MI)
Lee McCarthy (MI)
Sara McCay (HI)
Amy McCoy (MA)
Judy McCrory (TX)
Kimberly McDonnell (MO)
Sean McDonnell (MO)
Patricia Mcdonough (CA)
Karen Mcelmurry (ME)
Steven McFadden (NE)
Deidre Mcgannon (CA)
John McGinley (VA)
Vicki McGraw (PA)
Douglas McGruter (MA)
Susan McGuinness (LA)
Sally McGuire (ME)
Lisa McGurty (CA)
Andrea Mchugh (VA)
Elaine McKay (CA)
Diane McLauchlan (TX)
Douglas McNeill (MD)
Suzan McQueen (IL)
Just Me (VA)
Calvin Medders (TX)
Daniel Meegan (TX)
Michael Meek (WA)
Janet Meeks (TN)
Klaus Meier (PA)
Cheryl Melendres (CA)
Kyra Mendoza-James (CA)
Yolanda Mercer (TX)
Shirley Mercurio (FL)
Margaret Merrill (VA)
Janine Meunier (TX)
Linda Meuth (TX)
Eric Meyer (IA)
Sarah Meyerhoff (NC)
Toni Meyers (SC)
Ida Michael (NY)
Ann Michael (OR)
Tom Michaels (NM)
Zolla Michalak (TN)
Idalee Mick (VA)
B. Miesel (MI)
Lisa MIfsud (MI)
Andrew Mikesell (CA)
Andrew Miller (IN)
Donald Miller (MO)
Marveena Miller (MO)
Juliet Miller (TX)
Todd Miller (CO)
Melinda Mills (CA)
Anita Mills (TX)
Martha Miners (NV)
Tina Mintz (OH)
Charles Mitchell (CA)
Lindsey Mitzen (IL)
Barbara Mix Kern (MN)
Michael E. Mizell (TX)
Patricia Moguel (CA)
Kathleen Molatch (ME)
Kathleen Monaghan (VA)
Jill Monahan (VA)
Laura Monfore (MT)
Dawn Montague (IN)
Shari Montague (MO)
Peggy Moore (CA)
Jeannette Moore (FL)
Elizabeth Moore (PA)
Beverly Moore (VA)
Charlotte Moore (VA)
Lowell Moore (VA)
Catherine Moorehead (NC)
Ry Moran (UT)
Claire Moriarty (MI)
Gary Morse (NY)
Loren Mortensen (UT)
Jeanette Moses (MD)
Sue Mosier (VA)
James R. Moss (TX)
Judith Mudrak (NJ)
Barbara Mueller (IL)
Carrie Mullen (NY)
María Munoz (CA)
Gail Murdock D.C.
James Murphy (PA)
Joanie Murphy (CA)
Debra Mynatt (CA)
Kacey Nelson (IL)
Valerie Nelson (MA)
Margi Ness (CO)
John Neumeister (NY)
Jean Newbold (NY)
Joy Newby (TN)
Kelsi Nibbana (MD)
Lenn Nicholson (CA)
Dale Nicklaw (CA)
Jill Nienhiser (VA)
Nancy-Elizabeth Nimmich (MD)
Mary Nisbet (MO)
Kelly Noble (AZ)
Katiana Noel (NY)
Tony Nogales (NY)
James M Nordlund (MN)
JimNordstrom (NJ)
An Normand (NJ)
Karen Norris (SC)
Sue Norris (CT)
Sue Nusbaum (FL)
Julie Nuss (PA)
Erica Nygaard (IA)
Lisa O’Brien (NY)
Joanne O’Donnell (NH)
Sharon Ogara (FL)
Terrt Ogborn (NY)
Patricia O’Leary (MD)
Eric Olle (TN)
Raquel Olpin (UT)
Tom O’Neill (NJ)
Debra O’Quinn (TX)
Ray O’Quinn (TX)
VA O’Rourke (CA)
Rosemarie Osmun (WA)
Sharon Ostrowski (MI)
Eegene O’Sullivan (AZ)
Nathan Otten (NY)
Lisa Overdorp (FL)
Mary Alyce Owens (CO)
Melina Packer (CA)
Jennifer Page (WA)
Michael Panko (CO)
Heather Pardue (MI)
Lindsay Parker (NC)
Lorraine Parker (NC)
Marina Pastor (CA)
Diane Patnode (NY)
Carol Patterson (MT)
Karla Patterson (TX)
Trina Patton (IL)
Sandra Paul (IL)
Cynthia Pauly (OR)
Lisa Pavlock (MT)
J Payne (TX)
Deverell Pedersen (VA)
Henry Peller (OH)
Michelle Pelletier (NY)
Betsy Perkins (ND)
M J Perona (CA)
Jan Perry (GA)
David Perry (CA)
Roland Pescb (CA)
Nicole Peterhans (CA)
Stanley Peters (CO)
Jenna Peterson (CA)
Stephanie Phillips (NJ)
Catherine Phillips (OH)
Joy Pickens (OK)
Kathryne Pirtle (IL)
Jessica Piwko (NY)
Kelly Place (VA)
Brea Plum (TX)
Louisette Pochat (AR)
Judy Poellet (MI)
Terri Polzin (TX)
Leslie Pond (NY)
Amos Poole (IL)
Paula Porter (OK)
Humberto Portillo (NJ)
Laurie Powell (TX)
Linda Prentice (TX)
Elizabeth Priebe (TX)
Allison Procious (VA)
Diane Proctor (WA)
Elizabeth Pulawski (NJ)
Maureen Quaid (IL)
Annette Quiroga (WA)
Stuart Raike (MO)
Elizabeth Rainoldi (MA)
Jean Rains (CA)
Joshua Ramer (VA)
Glenn Ramsey (VA)
Isaac Ray (OR)
Jennifer Redwine (WA)
Ray Reece (TX)
Vickie Reed (MO)
Rhonda Reed (MO)
Millie Reed (MO)
Judith Reedy (CT)
Alexandra Rehm (MO)
Brian Reho (OR)
Linda Reichle (VA)
Sara Reilly (OR)
Oscar Revilla (NC)
Joy Rex (TX)
Robert Rhodes (ID)
Molly Richard (LA)
Joseph Richards (TN)
Ronald Richardson (IA)
Dan Richey (IL)
S Richey (OH)
Lindsey Rick (WA)
Marla Rickloff (FL)
Herbert Rickloff (MI)
Carolyn Riddle (TX)
Amanda Riggs (KY)
S Riley (MN)
Sean Riordan (VA)
Rebecca Ritter (CA)
Cierna Ritts (CA)
Linda Rivera (FL)
Reva Rivera (NJ)
Tara Roberts (MD)
Vicki Robin (PA)
Stephanie Tobinson (IN)
Drew Robinson (OH)
Erin Rodriguez (TX)
Dorothy Roeder (AZ)
Curtis Roettig (IL)
Robbin Rogers (CO)
Elijah Rogers (NY)
Janice Rogers-Levy (OR)
Rocky Romano (TN)
Donna Romo (NY)
Sara Rorie (GA)
Christie Rosario (FL)
Shane Rose (IN)
Cynthia Rose (MO)
Stewart Rosenkrantz (FL)
Barbara Rosholdt (VA)
Mary Ross (MN)
Adrienne Ross (NM)
Stephanie Ross (KY)
Stephanie Ross (WA)
Leigh Rowe (CA)
Cynthia Rowley (MO)
Monte Roy (LA)
Rebecca Rozeboom (MI)
Ellen Rozman (TX)
Josh Rucker (TX)
Margaret Ruhe (VA)
Fred Ruhoff (WA)
Michael Rundquist (VA)
Anthony Rupp (CA)
Janet Rutigliano (CO)
Kathy Rutledge (CO)
Susan Ryan (AZ)
Shaun Ryan (CA)
Gretchen Ryerson (IL)
N Safa (CA)
Matthew Samec (FL)
Georginna Sams (TX)
Bill Sanda (MD)
Bethany Sanner (KS)
Diane Sanor (OH)
Kathryn Santana (CA)
Julio Santos (TX)
Tricia Sarrazin (MI)
David Saucier (MI)
Mary Saunders (OR)
Chris Savard (MI)
John Sayre (VA)
Jason Schaap (OH)
Dennis Schaef (PA)
Ruth Schafer (CA)
Kristina Scharf (VA)
Kay Schaser (CA)
Tara Schell (VA)
Greg Schenck (TX)
Chuck Schmidt (TX)
Jamie Schneider (UT)
Robert Schroder (OH)
Marston Schultz (CA)
Ronald Schultz (IL)
Diane Schuyler (TX)
Don Schuyler (TX)
Nancy Schwalm (MI)
David Schwanger (OH)
Tom Schwartz (CA)
Michael Schwitz (WI)
Susan Scorzelli (MI)
Benjamin Scott-Killian (WA)
Margaret Scsaszny (GA)
Margaret Scsaszny (GA)
Denise Seal (TX)
Robert Seaward (IL)
Marge Seibert (NY)
Charles Seiter (CA)
Adrian Seltzer (PA)
Lydia Shambilides (NJ)
Suzanne Shanedling (MN)
Kirk Shaunfield (IA)
Alane Sheaves (CO)
Linda Sheek (WA)
Tammy Sheets (VA)
Edwin Sheldon (CO)
Karen Sherman (NY)
Samuel Sheterom (OH)
Kathleen Shiflett (TX)
Janet Shock (OH)
Sam Shone (CO)
Kevin Showler (MI)
Barbara Shuts (NJ)
Elizabeth Sills (MI)
Charlotte Silva (MN)
Judy Simmons (OH)
Donald Simon (LA)
Kirstin Simon (TX)
Iona Singleton (AZ)
Haley Skaer (VA)
R Skeie (CO)
Davorin Skender (IN)
Kaye Slimp (VA)
Daniel Sloane (WA)
James Small (TN)
Raymond Smalling (TX)
Peg Smedley (PA)
Michael Smith (MA)
Gordon Smith (AR)
Karen Smith (NJ)
Jay Smith (CO)
Nicole Smith (TX)
Richard Smith (TX)
Jeffrey Smith (OH)
Randolph Smith (WA)
Lonnie Smith (MO)
Sandra Smith (TX)
Dorothea Smith (AZ)
Cara Smith (TX)
Lynette Smith (MI)
Griffin Smith (TX)
Angela Smittle (TX)
Ron Snider (NJ)
Harn Soper (NM)
Elaine Sorensen (IN)
Carmen Sosa (TX)
Marjon Souza (CA)
Toni Sparling (PA)
Shannon Speaks (CO)
Kelly Spears (CA)
Diane Sperber (MO)
Amanda Sprague (SC)
Larry Sprague (GA)
Will Spurgeon (OK)
Rachel Spurr (TX)
Drew Squires (NY)
Annie St Clair (MA)
Katherine Stabe (MI)
George Stadnik (NY)
Martin Stalnaker (TX)
Teri Standiford (WI)
Randy Stay (FL)
Myrna Jo Stay (FL)
Carrie Stephens (MN)
Mrs Sterling (TN)
Barry Sterling (TX)
Greg Steuck (CO)
Katelyn Stevens (GA)
Christopher Stevens (WV)
Julia Stevenson D.C.
Margie Stewart (NC)
Sylvia Stewart (TX)
Aaron Stewart (CA)
Karen Stewart (ID)
Elisabeth Stinson (MO)
Ron Stock (CA)
John Stokes (TX)
Mary Stone (NC)
Jan Stonebarger (MO)
Michele Strascina (CO)
Katie Strauch (NY)
Laura Strohm (TX)
Shirley Studt (CA)
Karen Stuedemann (IL)
Suzanne Sudduth (TX)
Ronda Sullivan (GA)
Jamie Sullivan (AZ)
Patrick Sullivan (OR)
Jenni Sutherland (PA)
Kathy Swanger (MI)
Nancy Swanson (WA)
Karleen Swarztrauber (WA)
Meriby Sweet (ME)
Kate Sweet (ID)
Sharon Szabados (CO)
Laura Tadlock (MI)
Margie Talaski (MI)
Janet Taylor (CA)
Angela Taylor (MD)
Rob Teets (KY)
Gregory Temmer (FL)
Anna Tench (GA)
Richard Tennant (WV)
Dustin Thatcher (UT)
Caroline Thomas (CA)
Efrem Thomas (AZ)
Kathy Thomas (IL)
Carla Thomas (WY)
Megan Thomas (MI)
Joseph Thomas (OH)
Gisela Thomlinson (VA)
Sandra Thompson (TX)
Susan Tiede (NH)
Ashley Tijerina (TX)
Sarah Tober (TX)
Mike Todd (IA)
Joseph Toenjes (MO)
Chandra Tompkins (LA)
Scott Toney (MA)
Burton Toone (KS)
Paula Townsley (WA)
Margaret Trejo (CO)
Cynthia Trevillion (IL)
Eleanor Triplett (TX)
Charlotte Trolinger (MT)
Mike Turner (MO)
Stefano Turner (OH)
Joanne Turner (CO)
Anna Tursich (TN)
Emily Turton (MD)
Sharon Twining (MO)
Laura Udall (CA)
Dawn Unruh (TX)
Jeanne Urik (PA)
Harvey Ussery (VA)
Ellen Ussery (VA)
Karin Valenti (MI)
Kevin Valliquette (OK)
Frans Van der Lee (HI)
Licia Vannatta (TX)
Dane VanNosdeln (CO)
A Vansyoc (CA)
Jerry Vaughn (CO)
Elizabeth Veillette (MA)
Wayne Veino (MO)
Jake Velie (IA)
Debra Vierling (IN)
Carl Vigilante (IL)
Sharee Villard (FL)
Peter Vogt (TX)
Melody Volz (TX)
Susan von Struensee (VA)
Nicholas W (FL)
Candace Wadsworth (NY)
Brad Waite (CA)
John Walden (CO)
Aaron Walker (OH)
Candace Walker (PA)
Jessica Walker (ME)
Anne Wallace (CA)
Dennis Walsh (MN)
Christopher Walters (MI)
Elizabeth Walukas (WA)
Jay Ward (NY)
Lindsey Ward (AZ)
Marlene Ward (NJ)
Susie Warner (SD)
Laney Warner (FL)
Sara Warriner (MN)
Terri Warriner (CO)
Andrzej Wasag (RI)
Paul Waser (PA)
Raymond Waters (CA)
Derek Watkins (MD)
Lee Watkins, Jr. (MD)
Rose Watson (TX)
Ed Watson (MN)
Louise Wayer (FL)
Joanne Wazny (NJ)
Sharon Weathers (TX)
Jane Weaver (NC)
Lauren Weber (TX)
Lacy Webster (CO)
Kevin Webster (TX)
Ingrid Weecks (CO)
Jammie Weeks (MI)
Wende Wegener (MO)
Ron Weiss (NJ)
Joanne Welch (NY)
Mary Jane Welch (ME)
Noreen Wentz (PA)
Ann Werner (MN)
Meike Wernig (CA)
Kory Westerman (IN)
Don Wetsel (VA)
Cindy Wexler (TX)
Cheryl White (FL)
Elin White (CA)
Tom Whiteman (PA)
Joy Widon (TX)
James Wightman (NY)
Rebekah Wilce (WI)
Betsy Williams (MA)
Cheryl Williams (WI)
Kari Williams (MO)
Christine Williams (FL)
Jenny Williams (IL)
Christopher Williams (MT)
Desarae Williams (CO)
Desarae Williams (CO)
Wendy Wilson (MO)
John Wilson (WA)
Tina Wise (GA)
Susan Withers (MD)
Cindy Wlliams (MT)
Kathleen Wolfe (WA)
David Wolff (TX)
James Wood (IN)
Alison Worcester (CA)
Christine Wren (TX)
Eileen Wright (NC)
Lucretia Wrolstad (MO)
Terri Wyatt (WA)
Venkatarama Yarasani (NH)
Michael Yares (CA)
Paula Yates (OH)
Alan Yegerlehner (IN)
Paul Yoder (OH)
Amanda Yoder (VA)
Scottie York (AZ)
Vincent Young (CA)
Evelyn Young (TX)
Cara Young (TX)
John Young (VA)
Susan Young (IA)
Lester Yry Guam
Donna Zaiki (MI)
Russell Zavala (IL)
Angelique Zerillo (IL)
Gavin Ziegler (IL)
Valentin Zielke (FL)
Deb Zierenberg (MO)
Lorelee Zook (MI)
Richard Zuckerman (NJ)
Eugenia Alvarez (IL)
Rebecca Boitnott (VA)
Leslie Brown (NJ)
Anne Buteau (VA)
Mark Buzzatto DDS (PA)
Sharon Bybee (WY)
Gail Cutting (ME)
Lissa Estes (NC)
Robert Fenrich (WI)
Amber Flores (CA)
Michael Hall (FL)
Laurel Hieb (AZ)
Stephen King (CA)
Lynn Kole (WA)
Lisa Lintner (ID)
Ted Marcopolus (NJ)
Ceilia Marx (CA)
Maria Merker (NH)
Maureen Powell (LA)
Elizabeth Rathbun (MI)
Lisa Rose (NY)
Lisa Schaeffer (NY)
Alan Scott (OH)
Tom Silliman (WA)
Debbie Tenenbaum (CA)
Adamarie Wallis (TN)
Mark Weaver (SC)
Sally Whitehead (SC)
Rita Adolphson (MO)
Kim Bayer (MI)
Fred Brunswig (CA)
Pamela Callaway (NC)
Jennifer Dages (PA)
Timothy Drahman (WA)
Katharina Fischer (IL)
Jade Fountain (TX)
Holli Francis (OR)
Jessica Hockley (PA)
Ellen Kamhi PhD RN (FL)
Robert Langston (TX)
Marcia Lecheler (IL)
Joan Levin (IL)
Steve Morrow (IL)
Desmond Ng (TX)
Laurie Rochardt (CO)
Wilfredo Rodriguez-Robles (LA)
Leslie Sharlock (PA)
Kathy Stamper (IN)
Don Tidwell (TX)
Liz Weber (VA)
John and Sharon Davidson (NV)
Bonnie Wright (NH)

Scott Anderson (NY)
Diane Lalomia (MI)
Adam Adkins (OH)
Maria Bryan (MN)
Mark Buzzatto DDS (PA)
Netty Carey (VA)
Gina Castellano (FL)
Andrew Christiansen (TN)
Kristin Dalbec (RI)
Garland Decourcy (VA)
Brian Havermann (CO)
Glenda Ledford (AK)
Susan Leibowitz (IL)
Erik Little (IL)
Diana Morrison (FL)
Peggy Pfister (OH)
Jill Pittman (FL)
Michelle Ray (CO)
Timothy Scerra (NH)
Jennifer Segal (NY)

7,850 Additional signatures submitted separately