Harris County putting raw milk courier on trial

A Texas woman faces a criminal misdemeanor charge for picking up milk from a farm and delivering it to individuals who asked her to do so.

The harassment of raw milk couriers was initiated by the Texas Department of State Health Services this summer – yet DSHS has now stated that it will not pursue raw milk consumers or the people they hire as agents to pick up milk for them. (Read more here)

But Harris County is still pressing forward with the trial to prosecute this courier.

The County has been given the written agreement, signed by individual customers, in which they made the woman their agent and asked her to pick up milk on their behalf from a licensed, inspected dairy.  Not one customer has gotten sick and no one has complained.

People pick up groceries for each other all the time.  Every day, FedEx and UPS deliver food ordered online.  UberEats and numerous others provide home delivery of food. None of these hold food establishment licenses.  Yet the County claims that this raw milk courier has to have the same license as a restaurant or food truck.

While the prosecution is motivated by anti-raw milk bias, the legal principles are not limited to one product – the regulation cited by the County applies to all foods.

Can you help defend this woman – and, in the process, defend your right to ask someone to pick up food from a local farm for you?  We need as many people as possible to be in the courtroom next Wednesday, to send the message that the raw milk courier has the support of the community.  The judge and jury need to see that raw milk supporters are not a fringe group  — they are just regular people who want to provide healthy food to their families.


TAKE ACTION:  Come to the trial!


WHERE: Justice Court, Precinct 2, Place 2, 101 South Richey, Suite B, Pasadena, TX 77506

WHEN: Wednesday, December 14, at 1 pm.

WHAT:  After you enter the building, turn left to go to Judge George Risner’s courtroom at the end of the hall.  Enter quietly, and take a seat.

PLEASE be respectful of the proceedings. Any disruption will hurt the cause, so no signs, no verbal outbursts, no applause or groans, etc.  You can do the most good by conducting yourself in a calm, professional manner.


We will have lapel stickers available so that you can identify yourself as a raw milk supporter.  We want a large, visible show of support for the raw milk courier!