FARFA/Vista Ridge

FARFA is active in opposing Vista Ridge’s attempts to transfer massive amounts of water from Milam and Burleson Counties. The San Antonio Water System, limited in its ability to drain the aquifer beneath it thanks to the protections on the Edwards Aquifer, keeps trying to find other aquifers to enable massive development without the inconvenience of serious water conservation steps. Unfortunately, the Post Oak Savannah Groundwater Conservation District has largely gone along with the demands of the water marketers to date.


However, in the hearing on March 28 on Vista Ridge’s request for a permit amendment, the Board did defer the decision to allow local landowners to present their questions and concerns. FARFA worked with the League of Independent Voters, Save Our Springs Alliance, and the local landowners (of which our own executive director, Judith McGeary, is one) to develop a briefing paper explaining the concerns and the questions to which Vista Ridge should be required to respond.


The Board will consider the questions at its  meeting on Tuesday, April 4.  At the previous hearing, the Board signaled that it would most likely not make a decision at this meeting, but would only delay a short time longer.