House will hear the Farmers’ Market Bill

Published May 24, 2021


Our Farmers’ Market Bill is on the calendar for a vote on Tuesday! This is the last day that a bill can get its “second reading” and vote in the House, so we are really coming down to the wire.

Can you make one last call? Call your State Representative and urge him or her to vote YES on SB 617 and support farmers’ markets and local foods in Texas.

The vote is likely to happen late in the day on Tuesday. Tensions are running high as the deadline nears, so keep your call short and friendly.

Find your State Representative and contact info.


The bill, SB 617, is a simple clean-up bill that protects farmers’ market vendors from excessive permit fees. The Texas Legislature already passed permit fee caps last session, but a few local health departments have not properly applied them because of some regulatory definitions.…

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