Stop the mergers in the poultry industry

Published August 31, 2021


The control over our food supply by a handful of large corporations is at the root of so many problems that we face in agriculture.

We need to do something about that.

The lack of infrastructure to support small- and mid-scale regenerative farms, the scale-prejudicial government regulations and policies that push farmers to get big or get out, the lack of research on non-GMO seeds and crops – these are all the result of corporate consolidation in agriculture, and they feed into a cycle where the consolidation just keeps getting worse. 

Even though the extreme fragility of these consolidated systems was revealed during COVID, the big corporations are doubling down on the same strategy. Most recently, private protein and grain trading giant Cargill and agricultural-investment firm Continental Grain reached a deal to jointly take over Sanderson Farms, the third-largest chicken processor in the U.S., for $4.5 billion.…

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