Let’s pass 2 more bills before 87th TX Lege ends!

Published May 14, 2021

What a week!

Last night (May 13) was the deadline for the Texas House to pass House bills. Any “HB” that did not get a vote last night is dead, unless it’s on today’s “local and consent” calendar for noncontroversial bills (and none of the bills we’re watching are in that category).

In the remaining 17 days of the legislative session, the House will be debating Senate bills that have passed and the Senate will be debating House bills that have passed.

Our healthy soils bill, SB 1118, is now sitting on the Governor’s desk. Two more of our priority bills are well-positioned to pass – but we need your help to get them over the finish line in these last two weeks!

Of the almost 100 bills we’ve been tracking that could impact agriculture and food, the majority are dead. We’ll share news on the surviving ones in next week’s update.…

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