Send Your Comments to TX Health Department in Support of Farmers’ Markets

Published July 6, 2022

Time to get your comments in!

Thank you to the farmers’ market organizers who met with FARFA yesterday. We had a productive exchange about the issues their markets are facing and what they need in the new rules. The meeting gave us additional insight into what is happening on the ground and helped us refine our plans – and now it’s time for you to add your voice!

Background: FARFA fought hard for a bill (SB 617) that limits the amount of permit fees that a local health department can charge farmers or other food producers who sell at farmers’ markets. We also fought hard to establish and expand the ability for “cottage food producers” to make a wide range of foods in their home kitchens and sell without needing any permit. And even before our work, farmers selling uncut fruits and vegetables never needed a permit.…

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