FARFA’s 1st bill for 2021 gets officially filed

Published January 19, 2021


Welcome to your weekly update on the Texas Legislature, sustainable agriculture, and local food!

After establishing the rules for proceeding this session (see item 4 below), both the House and the Senate are staying home this week. But there are still things for you to do!

1. Keep up with legislation and share with your family and friends.

The first of FARFA’s priority bills has been filed! SB 336 would allow farmers to sell ungraded eggs from their own flocks to restaurants and retailers – expanding consumer access to locally raised eggs, and helping small farmers gain new markets without unnecessary permits and hassles. Thank you to Senator Nathan Johnson for filing the bill! Our other 4 bills are in drafting and should be filed shortly.

One of the most difficult parts of the legislative process is keeping up with the sheer number of bills, most of them written in confusing legalese.…

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