Tell your legislators to support healthy soils!

Published October 1, 2021


Along with tackling redistricting, the Texas Legislature is using the current Special Session to decide how to spend money from the American Rescue Plan (ARPA).

FARFA is urging the Legislature to allocate $10 million to a grant program to help farmers and ranchers pay for the up-front costs of implementing healthy soils management: things such as cross fencing and water supplies for managed rotational grazing, cover crop seed, no-till equipment, etc.

This builds on our work in the Regular Session with SB 1118, creating an “on-the-ground conservation” program at the Texas State Soil & Water Conservation Board. The TSSWCB was tasked with conducting education, outreach, and grant support in multiple areas, including support for farmers and ranchers to implement “healthy soils” management techniques.

SB 1118 did not include state funding. The TSSWCB has identified multiple federal grants that it can apply for to provide funding for the new program.…

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