Raw Milk Bill Alert 2019


Thirsty for raw milk? Tell Texas Legislators today!

Want to be able to buy raw milk at your local farmers’ market?

Or want to be able to have your farmer deliver raw milk to your door, or to be part of a buying group that gets raw milk without worrying about the local health department showing up at your door?

Then help us pass HB 503/ SB 80 during the 2019 Texas legislative session! This bill will allow licensed dairy farmers to sell raw milk at farmers’ markets and to deliver to customers. It gets rid of the current burdensome requirement that consumers drive to the farm every time they want raw milk and allows farmers and consumers to connect without the unnecessary hassles.

Prior versions of the bill have passed both the House and the Senate (just not in the same session), but opponents of the bill are trying to keep us from even getting committee hearings this session. 

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