Tell USDA No to More Herbicide-Doused Corn


Bayer/Monsanto has petitioned the USDA to approve a new corn seed that has been genetically engineered to survive applications of not just one or two chemicals, but five — dicamba, 2,4-D, glufosinate, quizalofop, and glyphosate. 

Dozens of genetically engineered (or GMO) seeds have been designed to tolerate specific herbicides, and the results have been a disaster. As scientists predicted, the use of such GMO seeds meant that the accompanying herbicides were used much more frequently – increasing herbicide contamination of our water and air and creating “superweeds” that are resistant to the herbicides. There are now an estimated hundred million acres of cropland infested with these superweeds.

The logical answer would be to stop going down this endless path of ever-increasing herbicide use … but that would massively reduce profits for companies like Bayer/Monsanto that not only patent the seeds, but sell the herbicides to be used with them. So instead their answer is more genetically engineered seeds to be used with more dangerous chemical mixtures.…

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