Read FARFA’s Testimony on the Use of Custom Slaughterhouses

Published on September 28, 2021


The USDA Advisory Committee on Meat & Poultry began meeting on Monday, Sept. 27, to respond to the USDA’s request to consider proposing new rules for custom slaughterhouses. Specifically, the committee was asked about whether to limit the number of people who can be co-owners of an animal (and thus able to get meat processed in custom operations) and whether to impose new requirements on the slaughterhouses. These changes would have major impacts on many small farmers providing meat for their local communities. (Read more background here.) FARFA’s Judith McGeary testified to the Committee on Tuesday, Sept. 28; the following are her official comments.


My name is Judith McGeary, and I represent the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance, a nonprofit that advocates for small-scale farmers.  I served on the Secretary’s Advisory Committee for Animal Health for 6 years, so I understand and appreciate the time you all have committed to this work. …

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