Join us for a COOL Week of Action

Published January 24, 2022


The Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance joins our allies in conducting a COOL Week of Action, January 24-28! Organizations across the country are using this week to ask their members and friends to put the pressure on U.S. Senators to reinstate Country-of-Origin Labeling on beef.

We’ve alerted you on COOL issues before, but to refresh your memory, you may have noticed that the labels on many foods in the grocery store include what country the food comes from. You can choose to buy tomatoes from Texas or Mexico.  Because of labels, you know if your apples come from the U.S. or Canada.

But that’s not true for beef and pork. Country of Original Labeling (COOL) has been missing from beef and pork since 2015, since the World Trade Organization claimed that it was a “trade barrier” – and Congress caved to the international pressure, repealing mandatory COOL on pork and beef.…

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