Petition to Texas Animal Health Commission for Change in Dairy Cattle Tagging Rule

November 1, 2007

Texas Animal Health Commission
Dr. Bob Hillman
P. O. Box 12966
Austin, Texas 78711-2966

Dr. Hillman:

Pursuant to 4 TAC § 59.6, the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance files this petition for a rule change.


I. Purpose of this petition

On May 10, 2007, the Texas Animal Health Commission (“Commission”) proposed multiple regulations, the stated purpose of which was to address the threat of TB-infected cattle from other states being brought into Texas. Among the proposed regulations was a requirement that, for the first time, would require tagging of livestock for solely intrastate movements, unrelated to any attempt to test for a disease. Specifically, the proposed §43.2(n) required that all dairy cattle be identified with an “official identification device” before being moved intrastate.…

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