Take Action: Texas Cattle & Horse Owners

The Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) has proposed several regulations that will impact cattle and horse owners in Texas.

The proposed rule for equine electronic passports is relatively minor but is poorly worded and could cause problems as a result.  In Texas, horses that enter the state, are being sold, or are in public places are required to have proof of a negative Coggins test, which detects the presence of Equine Infectious Anemia antibodies. The intent of the proposed rule change is to officially recognize the growing use of electronic methods (microchips and digital photos) to serve as official proof of the Coggins test, a practice that is becoming more widespread. But the proposed rule could easily be interpreted as a requirement for electronic documentation in addition to the still widely used paper certificate, which contains a physical description of the horse.

The proposed rule on cattle is broader and more complicated, with significant implications.…

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