Action Alert (Texas): Keep Up the Calls to Oppose Animal ID

Please keep up the calls and emails on the Animal ID bills! The Texas Legislature is considering bills that would authorize the state agency to adopt federal Animal ID requirements — among them, a requirement that all chickens be individually tagged with permanent leg bands, unless they are from a commercial hatchery or a confinement operation. The bills also authorize the agency to adopt future federal regulations whenever it wants, which could mean new regulations on sheep, goats, pigs, cattle, and horses.

Although we posted yesterday on Facebook that HB 2311 had been approved by Committee, it turns out that was a mistake by the committee clerk; HB 2311 is still pending in Ag Committee. So we’ve re-posted the alert on the website to include all of the Committee members’ emails.

Please contact both your own Representative and Senator, and the Committee members as soon as possible; time is critical.

Please share this alert with all your friends and contacts! Click here to read the original alert with more information on the bill and the Committee members’ email addresses.