Mission & Values

Our Mission

FARFA is a national organization that supports independent family farmers and protects a healthy and productive food supply for American consumers. FARFA promotes common sense policies for local, diversified agricultural systems.

Our Values

Independence: We are a nationwide grassroots organization and we do not take money from government or agribusiness.

Integrity: We say what we mean and mean what we say. We base our positions on facts, not speculation. We work to empower people to speak up for themselves, not out of fear, but out of knowledge.

Cooperation: We fight for competition in the marketplace, but we believe in cooperation with other nonprofits and individuals with whom we have common causes.

Diversity: Our members come from a wide range of backgrounds, experiences, and beliefs. Food is not a liberal or conservative issue, it is a human issue.

Activism: We work hard to protect our farmers, and we encourage all of our members to act as well. Citizen involvement is critical to making our legal and political systems work.

Education: People need access to information and the ability to understand that information in order to make the best choices for themselves.

Engagement: We are actively engaged with farmers and consumers as an organization. Most of our individual Board members and staff are involved in farming and ranching on a personal level.

Accountability and Transparency: Too many laws and regulations have been made by people doing the bidding of large corporations, often acting behind closed doors. We think government should be accountable to the people and that a healthy dose of sunshine is critical to good policy.

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