USDA Adds New Cities/Dates for Animal ID Talks

As we alerted you in April, the USDA is holding a series of meetings to discuss Animal ID. We objected to the timing of the initial meetings – all scheduled during the extremely busy ranching season of April and May – and USDA has added two more meetings in response. The first will be in Omaha on July 18, and the second will be in Fort Worth on July 20.

cows-on-pasture-enhancedThe agency’s stated purpose is to discuss the Animal Disease Traceability (ADT) program and to get feedback from producers on how it is (and is not) working. The agency’s documents for the meetings, however, reflect a desire to push for a much more extensive, NAIS-type program, with electronic (RFID) identification and intra-state requirements. These expensive programs would disproportionately burden small-scale and pasture-based producers, in the name of profits for meat packers and technology companies (See “More Information,” below).…

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