2017 Texas Session: Our Takeaway

Each session, we work to build support to move our issues further forward, and this session was no different. We fight hard and hope that our bills pass, but success is measured in smaller pieces than simply pass/not pass. At the same time that we work on the specific bills, we are also building recognition of the local food and sustainable agriculture movement, strengthening our position as a recognized stakeholder.

Policy changes take time. Rarely does a bill pass the first time it is introduced, and the more controversial or unfamiliar a topic, the longer it takes. This session, a bill to ban texting while driving is finally expected to be signed by the Governor, after ten years of dedicated work. Compared to texting, the questions around local foods and sustainable agriculture are very foreign to most legislators!

Unfortunately, this legislative session was a complete mess, fay beyond the world of ag and food.…

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