Support Fair Taxes for Small Farmers

The issue of property taxes, while not fun, is vital for many farmers. Small farmers who have been denied agricultural valuation of their land face thousands of extra dollars in extra taxes — a cost that they cannot readily absorb with their narrow profit margins.

While in special session, the Texas Legislature is considering multiple bills relating to property taxes – including HB 92 by Representative Eddie Rodriguez, which would help small farmers across the state. This was a bill we worked on and hoped to pass during the regular session, but was one of the thousands of bills that never made it to committee. This time, it was approved by the House Ag Committee on Friday and has a chance to move forward!

Under Texas law, land that is primarily used for agriculture is supposed to qualify for lower taxes, known as “agricultural valuation.” “Agricultural use” is defined broadly, yet many local county appraisal districts have applied it in an unfair and restrictive manner.…

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