Raw milk bill gets a Senate committee hearing!


The raw milk bill, HB 91, has been scheduled for a Senate Committee hearing on Monday morning!  Time is running out fast to get the bill passed by the Senate, so we need help one last time to get this important bill passed.

TAKE ACTION #1: Come to the hearing

Start your Memorial Day with a short trip to the Capitol.  If you can stay to watch the hearing, great.  But even if you can only come for a few minutes to register in support, that helps a lot!

COMMITTEE:    Intergovernmental RelationsCitizen Lobby Day 2013
TIME & DATE:  8:30 AM, Monday, May 25, 2015
PLACE:        E1.028

Enter the main Capitol building, take the elevators down to floor E1, and walk all the way down the main hallway until just past the second rotunda.  Room E1.028 is on your right.  Look for the stack of 1/2 page cards on a table ; if they’re out, ask the clerk. …

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