Raw milk case goes to trial

UPDATE 6/15/17: Victory in Harris County Trial of Raw Milk Courier

Negotiations yesterday afternoon with the Harris County, Texas, District Attorney’s Office resulted in dropping all of the raw milk-related charges against the Houston-area courier.

pasadena courthouse crowd2During the negotiations – conducted under the watchful gaze of some 50+ raw milk supporters who packed the courtroom — the District Attorney said that the issue of raw milk wasn’t the only or even primary focus. She instead claimed that the four charges, for failure to have a food establishment permit and for unsanitary conditions on two separate occasions, were about not only the milk, but even more about the cheese and eggs the inspectors had observed at the same time.

Note that this is the first time such a claim has been made. In all previous discussions, the health department’s arguments have focused on the raw milk. So the DA’s starting point represented a clear retreat by the department – perhaps reflecting the fact that the State Health Department backed away from pursuing consumers and their agents last fall after we publicized their actions.…

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