Time to Push for Passage of TX Raw Milk Bill!

House Committees for the 2017 Session of the Texas Legislature have been named, and now is the time to make sure all the House Public Health Committee members are asked to support the Raw Milk Bill, HB 57.

Whether you are a raw milk farmer or consumer, or have never even tried raw milk, this bill is important to the local food movement as a whole for these reasons:

  • Direct farm-to-consumer sales of unprocessed milk can be a lifesaver for many small family farms — we’ve had many farmers tell us that raw milk is what saved them from going out of farming.
  • Everyone should have the right to decide what you eat and what you feed your family.

Help support family farmers and consumers’ rights — speak up for HB 57!

Raw Milk Bill Information

Raw milk is already legal in Texas. There are 45 licensed Grade A Raw for Retail dairies, which are regularly inspected and the milk tested using the same (or higher) standards as for milk in the grocery stores.…

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Texas Raw Milk Trial Delayed

Thank you to everyone who made plans to attend the Harris County raw milk trial on December 14 –  but it’s now been delayed until April.

The delay appears to be part of continued harassment by the Harris County health department. There’s no legal reason that this case shouldn’t go to trial this week – yet they asked for a 4-month continuance, leaving the charges hanging over the head of the courier and raw milk customers.

Rather than face the likelihood of a dismissal by the judge or an acquittal by the jury, the County apparently prefers to be able to continue making threats about additional penalties and fines on baseless charges.

We don’t plan to just sit around until April. Stay tuned for actions you can take, coming soon!

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Harris County putting raw milk courier on trial

A Texas woman faces a criminal misdemeanor charge for picking up milk from a farm and delivering it to individuals who asked her to do so.

The harassment of raw milk couriers was initiated by the Texas Department of State Health Services this summer – yet DSHS has now stated that it will not pursue raw milk consumers or the people they hire as agents to pick up milk for them. (Read more here)

But Harris County is still pressing forward with the trial to prosecute this courier.

The County has been given the written agreement, signed by individual customers, in which they made the woman their agent and asked her to pick up milk on their behalf from a licensed, inspected dairy.  Not one customer has gotten sick and no one has complained.

People pick up groceries for each other all the time.  Every day, FedEx and UPS deliver food ordered online. …

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Texas Raw Milk Victory – October 2016

After several months of hostile treatment by agents from the Texas Department of State Health Services, raw milk consumers and their farmers have something to celebrate. The Commissioner of Health and Human Services, which oversees DSHS, has pledged that the health department will NOT be taking any action against raw milk consumers or their couriers.

This is a major victory for all those who helped in this important grassroots effort!  Thank you to everyone who spoke up!


Last summer, the  Texas Department of State Health Services embarked on a new, extremely hostile approach, to regulating raw milk. FARFA has worked on a state-level bill to legalize the delivery of raw milk and sales at farmers’ markets (sales currently are legal only at the farm). Over the past several sessions, we have made steady progress toward passing the new bill.

In the meantime, however, consumers have worked together to reduce the burden imposed by the regulations; they have formed groups, and either a member of the group drives to the farm to pick up everyone’s milk, or they hire a courier to pick it up for them.…

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Raw Milk Situation Continues to Develop

Snapshot of Austin milk raidIn the wake of the raid on a raw milk drop point in Austin just before Memorial Day Weekend (pictured at right), we’ve received many questions about what happened – and what happens next.

There are four core points. (Click on each point to jump to details.)

  1. Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance stands behind the raw milk farms and the customers who have set up legal group distribution points.
  2. The recent raid appears to be due to a combination of an industry complainant and “rogue” bureaucrats.
  3. If government agents visit your home, you have legal rights and can choose how to proceed.
  4. YOU can make a difference!



Texas allows the purchase of Grade A raw milk only when purchased directly from the farmer at the place of production. For years, raw milk customers have cooperated to pick up each other’s milk and save a lot of time and gas – benefiting us all by reducing vehicle miles, traffic, and air pollution from unnecessary driving.…

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Support Access to Raw Milk in Texas


Raw milk is already legal in Texas. But government regulations require consumers to drive to the farm every time they want milk, burdening both consumers and farmers.

Representative Flynn has introduced a bill, HB 91, to allow licensed farmers to sell raw milk at farmers’ markets and to make delivery arrangements with their customers. This bill reduces costs and hassle for consumers, while allowing farmers a fair opportunity to market their products.

The Texas House Public Health Committee will hold a hearing on HB91 on Tuesday, April 21. This is a critical step in getting the bill passed.

Please speak up now to help raw milk farmers and consumers!


Call or email your State Representative to urge him or her to support HB 91 and help move the bill forward. texas capitol

You can find out who your State Representative is by going to www.fyi.legis.

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Action Alert (Montana): Senate Hearing for Raw Milk Bill HB 574

The raw milk bill made it through the House almost unanimously, but we’re not done yet! We still have to get it through the Senate. Most of the Senators haven’t even heard about the bill, so we have a lot to do in a short time.

The Senate Agriculture Committee hearing for HB 574 is scheduled for Tuesday, April 9 at 3 pm in Room 303. We need your help to educate the Committee members about raw milk before the hearing AND then do a strong push the day of the actual hearing. (See the TWO action items below.)

One of the risks is that the Senate will add amendments that could add costs to the program and kill the bill. So we need to specifically ask them to pass the bill WITHOUT amendments.

Please help us legalize raw milk in Montana!

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Action Alert (Montana): Support Raw Milk Bill HB 574

It is currently illegal for the sale or transfer of raw milk in Montana. The State has even harassed herd shares, where people jointly own animals and drink their own milk.

HB 574 would change this. The bill will allow small-scale farmers who meet specific standards to sell raw milk, as well as recognize people’s right to consume milk from their own animals through herd shares.

Please help us get this bill passed!

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Action Alert (Iowa): Call to Support Raw Milk

We need your help to legalize direct farm-to-consumer sales of raw milk in Iowa!

HSB 131 and SF 77 (The Milk Bill) would legalize sales of raw milk directly from farmers to consumers. Farmers could sell directly to consumers without being licensed by the state as long as they sold only on-farm or through delivery arrangements made directly with the consumer. The bills would NOT allow re-selling or sales at grocery stores or farmers’ markets.

The House Local Government Subcommittee and the Senate Agriculture Subcommittee are holding a Joint Subcommittee hearing on the bills this Wednesday, February 27. If the subcommittees approve it, then it can go the full Committees, possibly the same week.

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Farm Bill 2012 Alerts

The Senate is debating the Farm Bill right now, and there are several amendments that need your calls!

Please call your U.S. Senators as soon as possible about the amendments listed below. If you don’t know who represents you, you can find out at www.senate.gov or call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121.

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