Good news from the Texas Legislature!


If you are one of the many people who responded to our calls for action this Session, THANK YOU! And … congratulations!

We have a lot of good news to share with you this week.

The Senate unanimously approved the bill that caps farmers’ market vendor permit fees at $100 annually per jurisdiction.

The Senate Health & Human Services Committee unanimously approved the bill to allow farmers to sell ungraded eggs to restaurants and chefs.  The Committee recommended it for the local and uncontested calendar, which makes it very likely to pass the full Senate vote quickly. The House version of the bill had a very positive hearing on Monday before the Agriculture Committee; two Big Ag groups registered against it, but we are working to get past that obstacle.

Our lead cottage foods bill, HB 2108 (to expand the law to include pickled vegetables, frozen fruits, fermented foods, and all non-potentially hazardous foods), also had a great hearing on Wednesday, with 37 people and organizations registering in support.…

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