Want more access to local meats? Two ways to help!

Why is it so hard to find locally grown meats?

Even as the local and sustainable food movement has grown by leaps and bounds, it is often hard to find good quality meat from local farmers.

One of the main reasons is the lack of local processing facilities, a vital step in the process of getting from farm to plate. USDA regulations are designed for massive, industrial-scale facilities, making it difficult or sometimes even impossible for small-scale facilities to comply. And federal law requires that “state inspected” facilities use the exact same USDA standards, leaving no flexibility for states to work with.

This problem could become even worse – or better – depending on what laws and regulations change in the coming year. You have two opportunities to help stop bad changes and promote good ones, now.


If you recall from our recent alert, USDA’s FSIS is proposing changes to how frequently it samples ground beef for salmonella.…

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