Take Action for Local Food in 2019


Citizen Action Page for the 2019 Texas Legislative Session


Do your research

  1. Learn about the bills: FARFA has 10 priority bills to support local farmers and food producers. Check out a brief summary of all the bills here (updated 3-9-19).
  2. Find out who represents you on the Texas legislative website. Remember that you want to identify your State Representative and Senator, not your U.S. Rep or Senators – these are all state bills.
  3. Pick the 1, 2 or 3 bills that matter the most to you to focus on. You can get fact sheets for each filed bill here.  Use the fact sheets both to educate yourself and the legislators.

Get involved

  1. Call your State Rep and Senator.  You can set up an in-person meeting, or simply talk to the staff on the phone.  Calls are more effective than emails – even if you only talk for a couple of minutes!

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