Two more priority bills go to committee

It can feel like the Texas Legislature is moving through molasses for the first couple of months of session, but now things are really heating up–and they’re going to keep going fast for the next 10 weeks!

Two more of FARFA’s priority bills have been set for hearings, this time on Monday afternoon in the Senate Agriculture Committee hearing:

  • SB 776 would establish an Ombudsman in the Governor’s Office of Economic Development and Tourism, to help farmers and food businesses navigate the regulatory maze.
  • SB 1409 would limit the Texas Department of Agriculture’s authority in implementing the Produce Safety Rule under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), so that the state agency cannot impose additional or different requirements on produce farmers in our state, above and beyond the federal rule.

There’s also a good bill for backyard chicken owners scheduled for a hearing in the House Agriculture Committee the same day.…

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