Texas Bills: In the Home Stretch

With 19 days left in the Texas legislative session, we’re in the home stretch. We have seven bills that would make important changes for small farmers & local food producers–and each one of them has a realistic chance of passing. But we have to work hard to get each of them all the way through the process.


Please help us get these bills over the finish line! We have several actions listed below.


The first action to take is to call both your State Representative and your State Senator, and urge them to vote yes on the bills that are in their chambers. It can be a bit confusing, because the House bills (“HB”) are now awaiting votes by the Senate, and the Senate bills  (“SB”) are awaiting votes by the House–because each bill has to be voted on by both chambers. We have stopped listing the “companion bills” because they are effectively dead–the focus is entirely on the bills that have been approved by one chamber.…

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