Help avert this threat to Texas’ small farmers

In 2017, the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) was given authority to implement the federal Food Safety Modernization Act’s (FSMA’s) new rule on Produce Safety in Texas. The belief was that TDA would work more cooperatively with Texas farmers than the federal Food & Drug Administration (FDA) was likely to.

TDA published its proposed rule just last month, and we quickly sent you an alert about the most blatant problem–mandatory registration for all farms. A closer reading shows that there are actually three provisions in which TDA’s proposed rule is even worse than FDA’s FSMA rule:

1) Every produce farm will have to submit an “annual survey” to TDA. The proposed rule doesn’t provide any specifics about what information will be required, but states that the agency will use this to determine whether or not the agency thinks that the farm has a “qualified exemption” from the requirements of the Produce Safety Rule.…

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