Action Alert (Texas): Call Your Texas Legislators to Oppose New Animal ID Bill

The Texas Legislature is considering a bill that would authorize the Texas Animal Health Commission to adopt federal regulations and require every chicken to have a permanent leg band with a unique ID number when it is sold or moved to a new location. While commercial hatcheries and large confinement operations would be exempt, the requirement would impact both small farmers and people with backyard chickens.

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Action Alert (Texas): Animal ID Bill Has Been Weakened


Please do NOT register in support of the bill, and stay tuned for more actions.

We’re sorry to send out so many alerts, but things change quickly at the Texas Legislature!

In yesterday’s alert, we mentioned the Animal ID bill as one of the bills our members might be interested in and want to support. The intent of that bill was to address Texas Animal Health Commission’s (TAHC’s) overly burdensome animal ID requirements, specifically the requirement that all cattle be tagged when sold, even if they are going direct to slaughter. Tagging animals that are going straight to slaughter is an unnecessary cost and burden. The requirement poses problems particularly for small-scale producers, who often don’t have the equipment necessary to tag cattle.

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Action Alert (Texas): Several Local Foods Bills Get a Hearing This Week

April is crunch time at the Texas Legislature. Over the next few weeks, bills with either get Committee hearings and move forward or effectively die.

We still need calls on the raw milk bill! If you missed last week’s alert, please click here and take action.

Two more of our local foods bills will be heard this Wednesday, April 10, by the House Agriculture & Livestock Committee. HB 1382 by Representative David Simpson would establish clear, practical requirements for farmers and farmers’ market vendors who want to provide samples of their foods. HB 1393 by Representative Susan King would allow people to have licensed food facilities within their home.

The Agriculture & Livestock Committee will also hear bills dealing with the state animal ID program, purchasing preferences by government entities, and the establishment of a regional foods task force on the same day.

More information on all these bills, and how you can help, is below.…

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Action Alert (Texas): Submit Comments to TAHC on Proposed Exemption for Mandatory Cattle ID

This summer, the Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) adopted a rule requiring all adult cattle (over the age of 18 months) to be officially identified with an ear tag. FARFA objected to the proposal on several grounds, including lack of statutory authority and the agency’s flawed assumptions about the costs of the proposal. But the agency adopted the rule without any exemptions, and it will go into effect on January 1, 2013.

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FARFA Comments to Texas Animal Health Commission on Proposed Exemption for Mandatory Cattle ID

Via e-mail:

Texas Animal Health Commission
P.O. Box 12966
Austin, TX 78711-2966

Re: Comments on proposed change to 4 TAC §35.4

Dear TAHC:

The Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance is a national organization, based in Texas, that supports independent family farmers and protects a healthy and productive food supply for American consumers. FARFA promotes common sense policies for local, diversified agricultural systems.

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Update on Cottage Foods Rule and TAHC’s Cattle ID Rule – 2012

Thank you for speaking up in support of local food producers. The Texas Department of State Health Services has issued its final regulation for cottage food producers, and it’s (mostly) good news! At the same time, though, the Texas Animal Health Commission has ignored almost all of the comments they received and issued a new rule requiring tagging of adult cattle. More details are below.

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Action Alert (Texas): Submit Comments on TAHC’s Proposed Rule on Cattle ID

Last fall, we alerted you to a proposed rule from the Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) that would have required require official identification on a wide range of cattle sold at sale barns. The agency has withdrawn that proposal, and is now proposing a new rule that would require official identification whenever a cow is sold, whether through a sale barn or private treaty, if the cow is parturient (within 2 weeks of giving birth), post parturient, or 18 months of age and older except steers and spayed heifers.

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Update on Cottage Foods Rule and TAHC’s Cattle ID Rule – 2011

This update covers two topics: a proposed rule for cattle ID at the state level, and new requirements for agricultural sales tax exemptions.

The Texas Animal Health Commission has proposed a rule to impose new identification requirements on livestock markets. The proposed rule would require markets to identify each head of cattle that are:

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Letter to Texas Animal Health Commission About Animal Identification Working Group

The Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) has re-formed its “animal identification working group” to “provide input into implementation” of the National Animal Identification System (NAIS). The entities invited to participate were ten industry organizations that have either supported a mandatory NAIS or, at the least, not expressed significant opposition to it, plus an electronic tag manufatcurer! FARFA has written a letter to protest this exclusionary and biased action.

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Petition to Texas Animal Health Commission for Change in Dairy Cattle Tagging Rule

November 1, 2007

Texas Animal Health Commission
Dr. Bob Hillman
P. O. Box 12966
Austin, Texas 78711-2966

Dr. Hillman:

Pursuant to 4 TAC § 59.6, the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance files this petition for a rule change.


I. Purpose of this petition

On May 10, 2007, the Texas Animal Health Commission (“Commission”) proposed multiple regulations, the stated purpose of which was to address the threat of TB-infected cattle from other states being brought into Texas. Among the proposed regulations was a requirement that, for the first time, would require tagging of livestock for solely intrastate movements, unrelated to any attempt to test for a disease. Specifically, the proposed §43.2(n) required that all dairy cattle be identified with an “official identification device” before being moved intrastate.

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